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    The Parker Baby Co. Blog — cooking with children

    A Family Favorite: Beer Bread

    baking an easy fall recipe with children beer bread
    It's currently dumping snow here in Colorado Springs, but this is the perfect weather (in my opinion) to heat up the kitchen and make a family favorite of mine, beer bread! It's such a comfort food for our family and honestly a great recipe to share with friends. It goes well with soup, chili, stew, or even just by itself with some jam or butter on it (my favorite)! This recipe is crazy easy and I'm excited to share the memories of making it with my little guy, Charlie.

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    Finding Your Child’s Inner Chef

    Finding Your Child’s Inner Chef
    Have you noticed that when you get your kids to ‘help’ you with something most of the time they are doing the exact opposite? This is why I have trained my mind to think that instead of them helping me I am helping them to eventually learn an important skill. I still tell them they are helpers, because it makes us all feel good and encourages their desire to be helpful throughout their lives.

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