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    My Favorite Postpartum Products

    My Favorite Postpartum Products

    After writing my 12 Weeks - What I Really Used blog post, I realized I could also easily do one solely for mama! I was a little lost when preparing for postpartum. You do so much to prepare for baby, but please do not neglect your needs those first few weeks home during recovery and adjusting to your new role. 

    I was due December 9 - right before Christmas and during the pandemic. I was nervous about not having what we needed and not being able to just run to the store and shipping delays for last-minute purchases. My strategy was to over-prepare, both for baby and for my postpartum needs, but here is a short list of what I used/liked the most:

    From the hospital: I took everything they would give me! Witch hazel pads, disposable undies, cooling spray, 2 little squirt bottles.

    Freida Disposable Undies
    These are way better than what you get at the hospital. They will make you feel a little more held together.
    Other Freida items: witch hazel pads, ice packs (I actually used these for my boobs and armpits!)

    Extra-large Button Down PJs
    I got this exact pajama set towards the end of my pregnancy in a size up and they were perfect for the final trimester + postpartum. Extra loose + button down for nursing.

    Moccasin Slippers
    I love my LL. Bean moccasins. Really, any slippers you feel comfortable hanging out around the house in. I like that these have a sole so I can go out to the mailbox or take out the trash. I also don't feel quite as sloppy in them when people come to visit.

    Silver Nursing Cups
    OK, these are weird, but hear me out! Our lactation consultant (a LC is another must-have for those new at breastfeeding!) suggested these when I was in so much pain nursing at first. They are antimicrobial, antibacterial and create a little healing breastmilk bath to soothe your sore nipples. They also protect from any rubbing. I used the religiously for the first couple of months.

    HydroFlask Tumbler
    The 32 ounce is key - it's hard enough to remember to drink water, let alone refill it all day long. This lid and bendy straw is a MUST. I love the flexible straw so you can drink laying down 😏

    High-waisted Leggings
    I lived in pjs and sweats, but when people visited or on the rare occasion that I needed to leave the house - a really nice, high-waisted legging made me feel more put together, held together and comfortable. I wore my favorite Lululemon leggings throughout most of my pregnancy and all of postpartum.


    What were your postpartum 'must-haves'?