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    Become a Parker Baby Co. Brand Ambassado



    Deliverables & Requirements:
    • Monthly deliverables outlined here
    • Link in bio for 5 days after posting 
    • Minimum of 5 high quality photos (per product) emailed to:
    • Profile must be set to public
    • Must follow @ParkerBabyCo 
    Instagram Post Guidelines:
    • Send post links to
    • Your post must contain the following hashtags: #PBCBrandAmbassador #ParkerBabyCo + 3-5 other relevant hashtags of choice
    • Your post must tag within the image and within your copy: @parkerbabyco
    • Call out your individual link in bio in messaging 
    Instagram Story Guidelines:
    • Using the “swipe-up” feature to drive content to product or post link. If you do not have swipe up feature, call out the link in bio.
    • All stories must tag @ParkerBabyCo and include the hashtags: #PBCBrandAmbassador
    • Save stories to a Parker Baby Co. specific highlight for remainder of the program
    Instagram Reel Guidelines:
    • Caption to your Reel must include @ParkerBabyCo and hashtags #PBCBrandAmbassador #ParkerBabyCo
    • Ensure video quality is high-resolution and keep text placement in mind (when you share to the feed, it will crop dimensions to 4:5, so keep text close to middle of the screen)
    • Consider uploading an on-brand image as the cover/video thumbnail (optional if you want to keep aesthetic in mind!)
    • When sharing, be sure to click “Also Share to Feed” so the Reel not only shares to the Explore Feed but your profile and Instagram Feed!
    • No explicit music
    DOs AND DON'Ts
    • DO NOT – Show any alcoholic beverages in your post
    • DO NOT – Include any profane language or “risque” content
    • DO NOT – Display, tag, or mention any other brands (including competing brands) in your post image, tags, or caption (the sole focus of your post should be the Parker Baby Co. products)
    • DO – Please ensure that Parker Baby Co. is the focal point of your image
    • DO – Ensure the first photo of a carousel (if using) is branded
    • DO – Use high quality images when posting
    • DO – Share your link with your followers so they can get 15% off!
    • DO – Make your post authentic using your own creativity and flair!


    Copyright and Right of Use:
    • Parker Baby Co. will retain joint copyright of the content created by Brand Ambassador and reserves the right to post/modify/repurpose the content for website and digital advertising.
    • Parker Baby Co. reserves the right to discontinue the partnership at any time if the above requirements are not met and content is not consistent with the quality expected.