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10 Best Social Accounts to Follow for Baby Safety

10 Best Social Accounts to Follow for Baby Safety

Parenting is a crazy journey, and thankfully we don't have to do it alone. There are tons of resources out there to guide along the way.

But all that advice can get a little... overwhelming? You can only hear so much before it gets stressful. At the end of the day, who should you listen to?

We've gathered our favorite Instagram accounts for baby safety - because it's a tricky topic, and it's important to get right! We love and trust these accounts, and we hope they give you more confidence as a parent. Check them out below!

1. @safeintheseat

Safe In The Seat Instagram Baby Safety

Safe in the Seat has everything you'd need to know about car and car seat safety! Michelle provides helpful tips, car seat installation guidelines, and tons of car seat facts you probably didn't know! And she packages it in short, easy to understand posts that don't feel overwhelming. Definitely our #1!

2. @feedinglittles

Feeding Littles Baby Safety Instagram Account

Feeding Littles covers everything from starting solids with your baby to getting your picky toddler to get the nutrition they need. They have doable and useful advice on all things food! If you need a little extra encouragement in the feeding area with your little one, this is a great account to follow.

3. @shantripp

Shan Tripp Baby Safety Instagram Account

Shannon Tripp is a ER nurse with a wealth of knowledge on how to take care of your children. She not only shares her adorable family, but also offers important child safety tips for kids of all ages. She's an awesome account to follow if you don't want serious content every single post (which can get overwhelming!)

4. @tinyheartseducation

Tiny Hearts Education Baby Safety Instagram Account

Tiny Hearts Education provides the #1 baby and child first aid course, and their Instagram is packed with important safety tips for first time parents. You'll find everything from baby CPR, choking safety, and baby-proofing your house. Super helpful!

5. @heysleepybaby

Hey Sleepy Baby Infant Safety Instagram Account

Rachael Shepard-Ohta helps parents ditch stress about sleeping and equips parents with the tools to build healthy sleeping habits with your children. She covers every age from infant on, and empowers new parents by giving them the right tools to tackle sleep habits!

6. @takingcarababies

Taking Cara Babies Baby Safety Instagram Account

Cara, married to a pediatrician and passionate about baby safety, shares all the tips and tricks you need to know as a new parent with colorful and aesthetic posts. She covers all the development milestones, what to expect as a new parent, and more (all without overwhelming you with info). Definitely worth a follow!

7. @safebeginnings

Safe Beginnings Baby Safety Instagram Account

Safe Beginnings is your one stop shop for all things baby safety. Holly Choi, the face behind the account, packages helpful baby safety tips in cute graphics to you don't feel intimidated by the plethora of knowledge out there. Her goal is to equip and empower you, and we love that!

8. @psychedmommy

Psyched Mommy Baby Safety Instagram Account

Psyched Mommy isn't exactly a baby safety account, but it does cover your safety, which is equally as important! Postpartum depression is real, and navigating the journey as a new mom is difficult. She shares encouraging and helpful advice so you know you aren't alone, you have help, and there is hope moving forward. Check her out!

9. @pedsdoctalk

Peds Doc Talk Baby Safety Instagram Account

Dr. Mona, a certified pediatrician, loves sharing baby safety info as much as she can, and the way she shares it is SO helpful! She also has a podcast, so if you want to learn more about your child's safety while you work out or hit the road, this is a great option.

10. @newwaysnutrition

New Ways Nutrition Baby Safety Instagram Account

Renae is a dietician passionate about helping you understand how your child works, and how to get them the nutrition they need. She encourages "new ways" to feed your family, and her tips are life changing. Have a picky eater or two? Follow her!

You Know Your Baby Best

You are the best mom for your baby, and you know your baby best. Trust yourself, trust your gut instinct, and approach safety with your child feeling empowered. You got this, mama 🫶

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