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    The Parker Baby Co. Blog

    We are having a...!!!!

    We are having a...!!!!

    After three girls, we are finally having our boy!! I hate surprises so even waiting a couple days to find out, was torture. I honestly do not understand how people can wait til the baby is born to find out the gender. I think it has something to do with my need to plan and just being a super impatient person.

    Our best friends are due three days after us so we had a blast doing a joint Gender Reveal Party surrounded by our closest friends and family. We planned on having the party in our back yard, but it rained basically the whole time! We grilled burgers and brats under an umbrella and mingled inside. I had blue and pink necklaces for people to "vote" what each family was having and the chalkboard had Amy and my answers to the old wives tales predictions. Sam thought we would wait for a break in the rain to pop the balloons, but of course I could not wait. So confetti all over the house it was!

    Amy and Paul are having a girl! It was so fun to have both pink and blue.

    What do you think about the new Gender Reveal Party trend? And what are the coolest ways to reveal a gender that you have seen? Boy or girl, we love them all the same <3

    Gender Reveal Balloon


    Cupcakes by Amy

    Here are some fun ideas for Gender Reveal Parties!
    Old Wives Tale questions:
    Morning sickness YES or NO
    Baby’s Heart Rate <140bpm or >140bpm
    Carrying Baby HIGH or LOW
    Head Aches YES or NO
    Cravings SALTY or SWEET
    Moms Guess
    Dads Guess

    Fun Blue and Pink Ideas:
    Beaded Necklaces for Guests to Vote
    Blue and Pink Lemonade
    Hamburgers and Hot Dogs :)
    Blue and Pink Rock Candy
    Blue and Pink Cupcakes

    Gender Neutral Gifts:
    Parker Baby Co. Diaper Caddy
    Parker Baby Co. The Birch Bag
    Classic Books: Goodnight Moon, Where the Wild Things Are, Oh, The Places You’ll Go
    Baby Banana Infant Training Toothbrush/Teether


    Friday Favorites-Fathers Day Edition

    Friday Favorites-Fathers Day Edition

    This week's Friday Favorites are all inspired by the things I am or want to get Sam for Father’s Day! Pssst. Father’s Day is June 17th! But I am sure all of you have everything planned out already :) I have covered a lot of price points and know the daddys will love all these child proof and helpful gifts!

    Apple Watch / Samsung Gear S3

    Now my husband HATES Apple, so I thought I would give two options in the smartwatch category. As far as smart watches go, these two are the best in the biz. Not only fitness tracking, but can read texts on his watch and reply, all while playing tag with a baby.

    Parker Baby Co.: The Birch Bag - Diaper Backpack

    Parker Baby Co.: Birch Bag

    I LOVE seeing our dads rocking the diaper backpack! It’s like that feeling you get when you see a dad baby wearing. You can’t help but smile at him and tell him how great he’s doing! I love this backpack because it is masculine enough for the men to feel comfortable holding all day.


    Does your husband misplace his sunglasses all the time? Problem solved. They are waterproof, sweat proof and baby proof!

    Myles Everyday Shorts

    Sam went on a mission to find the best dad shorts earlier this year. These and the LuLus are the best! They can wear them to Target AND to the gym, or is that just something I say? They look better than their college basketball shorts, but are just as comfortable.

    Adidas Ultra Boost Tennis Shoes

    Sam again, has done his research with these! I was going to get them for him for Father’s Day, only to learn that he already had bought them! You can’t beat those ratings and what people say about them, it’s like walking on a cloud. Plus they are so cool looking. Perfect for chasing kids around a park.

    Hydro Flask

    We love our Hydro Flasks around here. I especially love this one for the much needed caffeine in the morning. We don’t always get to drink our coffee hot, but this mug really increases the chances! Keeping hot beverages hot for up to 6 hours! This would also be great to keep cold beer cold. :)

    Gray Cover

    Our Gray Multi-Use Cover is perfect for the dad’s in our life to use when taking the baby out and about in their car seat. The gender neutral gray will keep baby cool and protected - and looks really good with our Birch Bag :)

    It's my favorite day of the week!

    It's my favorite day of the week!

    It's Sunday CrushDay! Ok, if I'm being honest, my favorite day of the week is Sunday AND Monday. :) I wrote a post about what my Sunday's consist of and how I get through the week, here! But I got some awesome feedback from this post and thought I'd make my checklist available for all of you guys! 


    The Diaper Caddy: Every Day Organization

    The Diaper Caddy: Every Day Organization

    We love seeing and hearing about how our customers use our felt Diaper Caddy in their daily lives and are always getting great ideas on how to use one of our favorite products to get organized.

    Here are some of our favorite ways to use the Diaper Caddy.

    Changing Station
    Portable for any room! Highly recommend for multiple level homes to have one on each floor so you don't have to run up and down stairs more than you need to. Keep all the necessities, diapers, wipes, rash cream, extra onesie (for those really bad ones) all in one, organized place. The caddy is stylish and neutral enough for the nursery AND family room. 

    Parker Baby Co.: Diaper Caddy: Nursery Organization

    Road Trip Essentials
    When your kids get a little older, it’s the perfect place to store car trip essentials. Books, toys, iPads (we don’t judge you), snacks, extra clothes, sunscreen, hand wipes, the caddy will keep it all organized.

    Parker Baby Co.: Diaper Caddy - Portabel Pumping Station

    Pumping Station
    This is probably my favorite use of the caddy! I was amazed at how perfectly it fit my breast pump, all the pump parts, bottles, bags, hair ties, nipple cream (oh yeah, you need it!), and hands free pumping bra. I would tell you I kept a granola bar in the caddy, but really it was a candy bar and it never stayed in the caddy for long.

    Parker Baby Co.: Diaper Caddy: Baby Shower Gift

    Baby Shower Gift
    I feel like everyone gives what they want at baby showers and it isn’t always the most useful. I know new grandparents and aunts love to shop for baby clothes, especially if it is the first new baby in a while - can’t blame ‘em! BUT it’s also really rewarding to give something that will actually make mom’s life easier. You can dress the caddy up with a couple other useful or fun gifts, diapers, wipes, bows, a car seat cover, and use tissue paper and ribbon to package it! Everyone will oooh and aaaah and it doesn’t matter if you have done it at the past three baby showers ;)

    How have you gotten creative with your Diaper Caddy? We would love to hear about it!

    If you don't have one yet, the are on sale this weekend! The Regular is only $18 and Large Caddy is $23. 

    Day in the life

    Day in the life


    Our days have always been structured since having twins. To keep our life from being complete chaos, we keep things pretty orderly. This was some advice I learned early from other twin mamas and I am forever thankful for all their advice.

    5:45 am I have been trying to get up before the kids the past month or so and either work out, work, shower or get in some reading. My favorite thing to do is get a run/walk in and listen to a podcast. 

    6:30 am Ava wake up call. Ava is always the first one to wake up. We have the Ok To Wake Clock, this thing is like a toddler alarm clock, it lights up and lets them know when it's ok to get out of bed. This is the only thing that keeps her in bed until 6:30. Eleanor and Greta usually wake up around 6:45 am. We then lay in our bed with the whole family while G drinks her bottle til about 7.

    7:30 am Breakfast is served! The kids have their pick from the normal stuff: Cheerios, yogurt, eggs, waffles, pancakes, oatmeal, toast, and fruit. Sam makes the coffee and the smoothies for us while I feed the babes. Sam always run the dishwasher at night, so we unload the dishwasher while we quickly drink our smoothies and the kids eat. 

    8:00 am Sam heads off to work down the hall and the girls and I clean up breakfast and move shenanigans to another place in the house, either upstairs where they play in their rooms, or under my sink (they pretend it's a car). I try to do some laundry while they play but usually end up just playing peacemaker, solving disputes, or finding random toys they suddenly NEED. 

    9:15 am Greta goes down for her first nap. I either take Ava and Eleanor outside, or they can play quietly while I "get ready" for the day. We also work on coloring and letters when we all have the patience. I think now that it's summer, and Sam is home to watch the monitor, I will start taking the twins out during this time and doing some special things with my big girls. 

    10:30 am Greta wakes up and we all head outside, to a park, the library or story time.

    11:15 am Lunch is served. Our lunches are pretty basic. Sandwiches, mac n cheese, leftovers, peanut butter and jelly, veggies and fruit. After lunch we are back outside!

    12:15 pm The girls watch tv while I clean up from lunch and the morning or answer emails and get some work done. 

    12:45 pm Ava and Eleanor move upstairs for nap time. Eleanor has been having a harder time with naps this past month, and she is probably getting close to give up her nap. Both are usually asleep by 1:30

    1:15 pm  Greta goes down for her second nap. With all three babes sleeping this is a time I can make appointments and run some small errands while Sam watches the monitor. If I don't have anything, I will work or clean. 

    2:30 pm Average wake up time for the twins. But if I am lucky they will sleep til closer to 3. 

    3:00 pm Greta wakes up and we all have a snack

    3:30 pm Errands. We usually head to Target, Costco, Grocery Pick-Up, or whatever it may be.

    4:45 pm I start making dinner while the kids play on the deck or if stuff is really hitting the fan, like last night, they will watch TV so I can make dinner. This is also Greta's most fussy time. She is a train wreck most days until she eats dinner. 

    5:30 pm We eat. I love to cook, but man this is such a terrible time. The kids are hungry and getting tired, I have no more patience, and the kids are EXTRA demanding. No matter how hard I try, I still need to get up from the dinner table about 10 times to get things for the kids. 

    6:45 pm Sam or I take Greta up for her bedtime routine and a bottle. She is asleep by 7. The girls and Sam or I are usually outside in the garden or working.

    7:15 pm Sam or I take the twins up for their bed time routine. Teeth, bath, books, prayers, songs and asleep. Does it ever go smoothly? NO. But we are constantly working on it. 

    7:45 pm Ava and Eleanor are usually still reading by themselves in bed. Sam and I will work, read, watch our shows, or go out with friends (obviously one stays home while the other goes out). 

    10:30 pm Sam and I go to bed. We have recently started leaving our phones in the kitchen when we go to bed and that has been so great. If you are not doing this, you should try it! It's been awesome for our marriage, sleep, and mental health! 

    ** Currently everyone is sleeping through the night, except for the occasions of terrifying nigh terrors, sickness, or losing bunny. So we get about 3 nights a week of solid sleep :) **

    Very rarely do our days go smoothly without hiccup, but this is the plan we stick to most days. I have always been very strict with nap and bedtime. Ava and Eleanor were terrible sleepers and we worked so hard to get them to where they are and part of that has been our schedule and bedtime routines.