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    Drool Diaries

    Drool Diaries

    I always joke that I will be blaming my kids' bad attitudes on teething until they are 7. It's my “excuse” every time one of my babies is crying or fussy. “Oh they are probably teething." “Oh they have a tooth coming in, you can see/feel it right there!” HA! Did you know that kids get two year molars?! YUP! That means you are not done with a teething child until TWO YEARS OLD!

    Some babies have really obvious side effects from teething, such as:

    • Drooling- You need a bib!
    • Red cheeks
    • Swollen gums
    • Irritability
    • Diarrhea
    • Lack of appetite- some foods won’t feel good on babe’s gums
    • Hands and objects in their mouth all the time
    • Biting while nursing- fun!

    All babies are different, though! Some show no signs and are perfectly fine during their teething stages, while others can’t sleep and need to be held all day. Timing is another thing that is different for every baby. My kids, for example - Ava and Eleanor got their first tooth at about 3 and a half months, Greta was 10 months when that first tooth poked out. The average age for their first tooth is 4-7 months, but try not to worry if that time comes and goes without a pearly white showing up. I asked my pediatric dentist when I should start to worry, and he said that if they turn 1 and do not have any teeth, bring them in and get an X-ray. The X-ray would tell if they have teeth in their gums or not.

    I have a couple go-to tricks to get through a teething, clingy, drooling babe!

    1. Frozen wet washcloth- All my babes have loved to gnaw on these! They are simple and cheap! I get a baby washcloth wet and stick it in the freezer. Once its frozen it’s ready for some serious chomping.
    2. The Banana Teether- this is also a simple go-to product! You can find them on Amazon or at Target!
    3. Snuggles- during this time (which seems like always), take some time to really enjoy those sweet snuggles and do what you can with your mommy magic to take the pain away! If that means nursing, watching toons, bottle, whatever! Just make baby comfortable.
    4. Tylenol- I usually only try to give this at bedtime when babe is teething, but that’s just me!

    I have never used teething tablets or other remedies than the things listed above, but I’d love to hear what you have used and/or what you do for during those weeks of drool.

    Our bandana bibs are a stylish solution to all that teething drool. Keep a few in your diaper backpack to switch out as needed and save the outfit changes for blow outs.

    Parker Baby bandana bibs are super soft and absorbent with 100% organic cotton on the front and 100% polyester on the back. They fit babies from 3-36 months with adjustable nickel-free snaps.

    Lunar Bandana Bib Set

    The Denver Bib Set

    The Birch Bag by Parker Baby Co.

    The Birch Bag by Parker Baby Co.

    After a year and a half of designing a new diaper bag, it is finally ready for everyone! I was constantly frustrated with the design of other diaper bags, and could never find a bag that had functionality AND style. Through experience, I know that backpacks are essential when it comes to diaper bags. I need both my hands – without a bag falling off my shoulder – while I dive after my children trying to escape down the toy isle. So this diaper backpack was inspired from that!

    And because I love pockets, this diaper backpack has over 10! We’ve included:

    • Insulated bottle pockets on the side

    • Mesh organizer pockets inside the main compartment for water bottles and wipes

    • Mommy pocket with key ring

    • Padded laptop/tablet sleeve

    • A large zipper pocket inside the main compartment to hold all the diapers. I HATE having diaper floating around and in sight when I open my pretty bag. They are now hidden in their own easy zipper pocket

    • Pocket with super easy access for pacifiers, snacks, and lip gloss 

    • Changing pad and stroller hooks included

    Our Birch Bag is being launched under our new brand, Parker Baby Co. This has been a lengthy process, but we are excited for our new brand adventure. Parker Baby Co. will bring classic, high quality baby and toddler products to your doorstep. From our home to yours.


    10 Ways to Calm a Newborn

    fussy newborn

    As some of you may know, Sam and I have twin two year olds (Ava and Eleanor) and a two month-old (Greta). Ava and Eleanor were pretty fussy babies (or maybe it was just that there were two of them). Either way, it lit a fire under us to quickly learn how to calm them before it got out of hand. Same goes for Greta now. With 3 kids that are constantly needing something, we need a few things ready to try to help calm Greta down before one of the twins hits the other and a single fuss turns into a trifecta of meltdowns. It's all a juggling act, isn't it mommas?

    I have made a list of the 10 things Sam and I always try when we have a potential newborn meltdown situation.

    1. Nursing/bottle/pacifier

    I am getting the easy ones out of the way. I usually try this one first. The sucking reflex is extremely relaxing for newborns. If it’s been over an hour since baby last ate, she could be cluster feeding or going through a growth spurt. Either way, feed that sweet baby!

    1. Diaper change

    Another easy one. Sometimes I will change Greta even if she’s not too wet.  Something could be uncomfortable - the straps could be rubbing, the lining could be riding, etc.

    1. Skin to skin

    I personally love this one! Strip baby down, take your shirt off, lay baby on your chest, and put a blanket over the two of you. It’s so great for your milk production, your heart and your baby’s connection with you. Babies and parents LOVE a good skin to skin session.

    1. Swaddle

    Another favorite of mine that works so well! Get a velcro swaddle and swaddle baby’s arms to his sides, super tight! Most babies will LOVE this. Bonus tip: sometimes we incorporate the “double swaddle.” Use a traditional swaddle with a lightweight blanket, then “double swaddle” with a velcro swaddle over the top.

    5.Step outside

    I don't know what it is, but taking sweet baby Greta outside almost always makes her stop crying! Maybe it’s the sun shining in her eyes that takes her by surprise, or the wind that gently blows across her face that kind of 'wakes' her up. But ALWAYS try this one!

    1. Bicycle kicks

    Sometimes babies get gassy. Holding his feet and pushing his legs like he is riding a bike can help pass some gas he may be holding in. Lovely thing it is being a mommy :)

    1. Burp

    This is my husband’s go-to. Even if it's been an hour since eating, he will pat baby’s backs until something happens. And usually it does. I think it’s a sympathy maneuver for Sam ;)

    1. Stroller or car ride

    This was our “go-to” for our twins. When I was home alone with Ava and Eleanor and I couldn't hold them both, I would put them in the double stroller and push them around the block. When the weather didn’t cooperate, I pushed them around our house (desperate times!). Car rides are great to try, too! But sometimes the screaming baby in the back makes for a super-stressed driver.

    1. White noise

    Get a white noise machine! Just do it. Or you can turn the vacuum on and stand right next to it. Or download a (free!) white noise app on your phone. If none of these are at your disposal, try putting your mouth right by your baby’s ear and shushing.

    1. Walk around

    I never stopped walking when the twins were newborns (okay, I still don’t). They HATED when I would sit down. Especially when about 6:00 pm hit. I would just walk circles around the island in my kitchen.

    There have been times where I have tried every single one of these and finally something works. It's all trial and error until they can communicate!

    Guys, you are doing so great! Mommin' (and Daddin’) ain't easy. If you are reading how to help your baby, you are probably already doing a really awesome job.