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    Berries, Blooms, and Babies

    Berries, Blooms, and Babies
    The beginning of Fall has been bittersweet for our Huebner household in Cincinnati this year. We will be putting our house on the market in Spring, which means we are ending a gardening era. Our precious garden beds have always been front and center right outside our doorstep for optimum sun placement. We have torn out the garden beds to make way for new grass growth before the house hits the market.

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    Drool Diaries

    Drool Diaries
    I always joke that I will be blaming my kids' bad attitudes on teething until they are 7. It's my “excuse” every time one of my babies is crying or fussy. “Oh, they are probably teething." “Oh, they have a tooth coming in, you can see/feel it right there!” HA! Did you know that kids get two year molars?! YUP! That means you are not done with a teething child until TWO YEARS OLD! Every baby is different, but here are some tricks we use at our house to help ease this painful time.

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    The Birch Bag by Parker Baby Co.

    The Birch Bag by Parker Baby Co.

    After a year and a half of designing a new diaper bag, it is finally ready for everyone! I was constantly frustrated with the design of other diaper bags, and could never find a bag that had functionality AND style. Through experience, I know that backpacks are essential when it comes to diaper bags. I need both my hands – without a bag falling off my shoulder – while I dive after my children trying to escape down the toy isle. So this diaper backpack was inspired from that!

    And because I love pockets, this diaper backpack has over 10! We’ve included:

    • Insulated bottle pockets on the side

    • Mesh organizer pockets inside the main compartment for water bottles and wipes

    • Mommy pocket with key ring

    • Padded laptop/tablet sleeve

    • A large zipper pocket inside the main compartment to hold all the diapers. I HATE having diaper floating around and in sight when I open my pretty bag. They are now hidden in their own easy zipper pocket

    • Pocket with super easy access for pacifiers, snacks, and lip gloss 

    • Changing pad and stroller hooks included

    Our Birch Bag is being launched under our new brand, Parker Baby Co. This has been a lengthy process, but we are excited for our new brand adventure. Parker Baby Co. will bring classic, high quality baby and toddler products to your doorstep. From our home to yours.