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Chaos Control Episode 4: Top Laundry Hacks for New Moms

Chaos Control Episode 4: Top Laundry Hacks for New Moms

Welcome back to Chaos Control, the series where we share practical solutions to organize your home in the New Year!

Today we’re sharing 3 secret laundry hacks that will make laundry day less daunting (which is practically every day, right?!) Check out our 3 tips to a simpler laundry routine in our latest episode on YouTube... Watch here!

Chaos Control Episode 4: Laundry Hacks

Don't have time to scan the video? Fear not - we've listed our top 3 laundry hacks below so you can start simplifying your daily routine! Check them out:

1. Use a Flexible Hamper

A great way to simplify your laundry routine is to use a flexible laundry hamper. We love ours at PBC because it's made with soft, durable felt that's just as flexible as you need to be as a mama. It collapses and fits into almost any space (including that tiny gap between your washer & dryer), saving space and keeping your organized. It's also soft and safe for baby (no worry of tipping a heavy hamper on their heads in their nursery).

Another perk to a flexible hamper? The one-hand grab - you can't carry a plastic or basket hamper with one hand and a baby on your hip, but you sure can when it's made of felt. Upgrade your routine and snag our hamper here!


2. Stick to a Doable Schedule

It's tough to stick to a realistic schedule when you're balancing laundry for multiple people - but it can make things so much easier once you get in a groove. Set aside towel or bedding washing days, and separate kids clothes from mom + dad's. Breaking up each laundry day will keep you from running to every room in the house as you fold and put away, which saves you time! It doesn't have to be crazy, just pick a day each week for each type of laundry you tackle and try sticking to it. You'll be surprised how much it helps.

3. Learn How to Fold the Tough Things

Lastly - learning how to fold the tough things changes the laundry game! In the video above, we share the example of folding our Hooded Bath Towels... with a centered hood and thick, plush material, it can be tricky to fold. Watch our tutorial to learn how to fold those fickle baby towels yourself!

As for those teeny baby clothes, there are tons of resources out there to guide you on folding and keeping them organized. I love Folding with Judi because she shares tutorials on folding everything from onesies to jeans!

We've loved having you...


Episode 4 marks the end of our latest video series, Chaos Control - and we've loved having you this January! Thanks for tuning in... we hope our organization tips & tricks helped you start 2024 on the right foot!

Don't want to miss our next video series? Make sure to subscribe to Parker Baby Co. on YouTube so you don't miss a thing!

Wishing you a clean house & a happy home 🫶 happy organizing, mamas!


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