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Our Story


Our twin newborns were in bed, and we were sitting on our family room floor sifting through returns, taking photos of our new products, and designing new ones when we had the time. Back then, Parker Baby Co. was a side hustle we started so Kirsten could run a small business from home as she cared for our girls. Little did we know - God had bigger plans for Parker Baby Co.

AS OUR FAMILY GREW... did Parker Baby Co. With each new addition to our family, we designed more and more products to simplify our lives so we could spend more time enjoying those fleeting moments with our newborns.


Parker Baby Co. is thriving, and we've been able to help families around the world with our baby products. If you ever purchased a product from us, told someone about us, or became a part of our community - from the bottom of our hearts, THANK YOU. You've been a huge blessing to our family, and to families worldwide. We truly couldn't do it without you.

Meet Sam & Kirsten

The Founders of Parker Baby Co.

The Kids Who Inspired Parker Baby Co's Products

Meet Ava

Our oldest. Ava didn’t REALLY have hair on her head until she was 2 years old. Enter our original 10 pack of bows, designed to fab up her sweet, bald head.

Meet Eleanor

Born 2 minutes behind Ava. Eleanor was a spitter, We were constantly changing her outfits (and ours, too). If you have a baby with reflux issues, you can relate. Enter our bandana bibs, because swapping a bib is much easier than pulling a fresh onesie over your baby’s head.

Meet Greta

Our youngest daughter. When Greta was born, we had 3 children in diapers for a brief period of time (although it felt like an eternity). We needed more organization to our life as diaper changers. Enter our diaper caddy, designed to organize and portableize (is that a word?) diaper changing.

Meet August

A boy with 3 older sisters. As the only boy (and somewhat out of pity), we wanted to design something just for Gus. Enter our swaddles and quilts. Our Lodgepole Quilt and Timber Swaddle Sets were basically designed to compliment his nursery.

As our family has grown, so has our business.

We continue to design affordable products to simplify parenthood, so you can spend more time with your little one(s).

Our Mission

To provide accessible and exceptional products to parents while supporting them through faith and community.

Romans 8:38-39






Meet the Team

Sam Huebner

Co-founder & CEO

Favorite Things: I love building things, rec league basketball, any excuse to use a tractor, bourbon, date nights with Kirsten, and playing with our kids.

Favorite Parker Baby Product: The Birch Bag changed my life as a father of 4 kids under the age of 4 (at one point!).

Kirsten Huebner


Favorite Things: I love baking, girls nights, date nights with Sam, mornings with my kids, Sundays, and celebrating the little things.

Favorite Parker Baby Product: The felt caddy changed our lives when we had 3 babies in diapers. The quilts were my favorite product to develop early on!

Jessica Pando

Marketing Manager

Favorite Things: I love a clean house, good coffee (preferably still hot ;)), sleeping babies, yoga, mountain trips with my little family & big dogs, tacos and a fresh margarita.

Favorite Parker Baby Product: Hooded Towel AND Bandana Bibs - can I have two?!

Emma Safarik

Customer Experience Specialist

Favorite Things: Iced lattes, camping with my little family, going out to eat, binging true crime shows or Love Island UK, date nights with my husband, and reading late into the night with a glass of wine!

Favorite Parker Baby Product: Felt Diaper Caddy (so many uses! love it)

Annabelle Yorke

Copywriter & Creative Specialist

Favorite Things: Coconut curry, chamomile flowers, hiking with my husband, writing fantasy novels, & traveling the country doing van life in our lil white van!

Favorite Parker Baby Product: The Cream Birch Bag Mini (my FAV computer bag for work)

Jordyn Van Gaalen

Jordyn Van Gaalen

Graphic Designer

Favorite Things: Camping, rock climbing, fly fishing and kayaking with my husband, creating art, trail running, trips to The Netherlands, and reading.

Favorite Product: The Birch Bag

Judith Hererra


Favorite Things: Tango, Boxing, Food, & Traveling with my family!

Favorite Parker Baby Product: I have so many hahaha buuut the Belt bag at this stage of life is my favorite!

Tabi Murphy

Social Media Coordinator

Favorite Things: I love outdoor walks with my husband and kiddo, an iced coffee in hand, date nights, DIY nails, Disney movies, and amazon online shopping ;)

Favorite Parker Baby Product: The belt bag!! (all colors)

Lindsay Duran

Warehouse Associate

Favorite Things: Family movie nights with our 3 kiddos, going country dancing with my husband Jerod, iced coffee, camping, fishing and loving on our two cats.

Favorite Parker Baby Product: The belt bag for sure!

Mauricio Medina

Supply Chain Coordinator

Favorite Things: Waking up to beautiful weather (not so cold, not so sunny), discovering a new coffee shop or walking along a trail, and good music to set the tone on a good day.

Favorite Parker Baby Product: Rope Storage Basket. I like to be organized with style!

Sarah Dressel

Social Media and Influencer Marketing Manager

Favorite Things: I love coffee, fitness classes, time with my husband, my dog Teddy, and relaxing nights in with a good reality tv show!

Favorite Parker Baby Product: We have a little one on the way and my favorite PBC product is our Birch Bag! It has a place for everything you can think of & is super stylish!

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