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Featuring 4 Moms From Our Rooted Facebook Community: Inspiring Stories

Featuring 4 Moms From Our Rooted Facebook Community: Inspiring Stories

Women's history month has been so sweet - seeing our community support one another and celebrate womanhood is so inspiring!

One of our favorite parts of March was getting to meet 4 of our very own Rooted mamas! If you didn't know, Rooted is our Facebook community of moms supporting one another through the journey - and they are some of the greatest women you'll ever meet.

We loved featuring each mom on socials throughout the month - and now as the month comes to a close, we wanted to feature them all together in one big blog post! Let's meet them:

1.  Katie Broekemeier

Katie Broekemeier Parker Baby Co. Feature

[Katie 4th from the left]

"My mom and my sisters are my “google” or “alexa” for me while being a mother! Our mom does it all, and is hands on when anything is asked. Especially if it’s for her 19 grandchildren, she’s the best nana! My three sisters' support, advice, and love feels like they help lighten the load of being a mother because they’re helping raise my children, as the most supportive aunts I know. My sisters and my mom are my best friends!"

2.  Ella Zadorozhnyy

Ella Zadorozhnyy Parker Baby Co. Feature

"My mom, as a mother, has been a guiding star in my life, teaching me the values of love, patience, and living for the Lord. Her unconditional support and wisdom have shaped me into the caring, strong individual I am today. Her example has instilled in me the importance of kindness and hard work, I carry into every aspect of my life and as a mother. Her love is a constant reminder that I am never alone in my journey."

3. Sarah Lollis

Sarah Lollis Parker Baby Co. Feature

[Sarah right]

"Strong women. I see them everyday, all around me. My friend, Ann, is one of these women. Someone who came into my life unexpectedly during our journeys to become moms. We both ended up getting pregnant 2 weeks apart from each other. Now we had one another to go through this huge change with. My baby ended up coming 10 weeks early. Ann was right by my side the whole time. She was throwing my baby shower for me and she moved it all to the hospital so I could still enjoy it. She brought food to our house. Sent regular texts. All while she was still in her third trimester of her own first pregnancy.
All I know is being a new mom is the hardest job ever. Ann did it with grace and strength. And I look up to her every day because of it. She is the person I call or text when I have stupid questions or just need to vent and she always calms me down. A lot of times when we’re thinking of strong women in our lives I think we think of people older then us. But I believe the moms in the thick of motherhood right now are the strongest women. And now we’re pregnant together again, this time 6 days apart, bring on 2 under 2!"

4. Deena Lee

Deena Lee Parker Baby Co. Feature

"This Women's History Month, I want to express my gratitude to my mom, who has consistently been my pillar of support. Like me, she is a mother of three, and I cherish the bond we share in that regard. From navigating the ups and downs of motherhood to providing unwavering comfort during moments of pregnancy anxiety and the heartbreak of a miscarriage, her strength and guidance have been invaluable. I am profoundly grateful for her presence in my life."

We are so inspired to hear these stories & know these mamas are a part of our community! We have some pretty awesome mamas, Parker Baby Co. fam 💕

If you want to join Rooted to get support, nonjudgemental advice, and love from fellow mamas - it's as easy as applying! Our Rooted community is always growing, and we'd love to have you:)

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