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15 Week Bump Update

15 Week Bump Update

How far along: 15 weeks almost 16!

Total weight gain: I have gained about 4 lbs, but my belly looks like I have gained about 20. I swear I wasn’t this big with the twins until about 20 weeks! My boobs are starting to fill more. No more pancake boobs from nursing 3 babes! YAY!

Maternity clothes:  I have started wearing some maternity jeans, the ones with the stretchy side panels from ASOS. They are perfect. I had to buy all new maternity pants because I had given all my maternity clothes away… I can still fit in some pre pregnancy jeans, but by the end of the day my belly hurts. Leggings or work out clothes are my jam.

Sleep: I have been sleeping ok! On Sunday I had a terrible terrible migraine and thanks to Sam, I slept from 6:30pm-7am while he handled the babes. Since then, I started watching The Handmaids Tale and have nightmares all night, but I can't stop watching!

Best moment this week:  The best moment from this week was on Sunday when I completed my first DRI TRI at Orange Theory. I’ve been working out 3-4 times a week at Orange and it was such an accomplishment for me. I am still running and doing all the things except any movement that requires me to lay on my back. Orange Theory has a walking, bike, and strider option for when I want to stop running. I am going to try to keep running as long as I can though!

I am also going out to dinner with my best friends tonight and I am SO FREAKING EXCITED.

Worst Moment this week: My migraine on Sunday…

Miss Anything: I really miss beer. The weather has been so beautiful and we have been grilling. I crave beer so badly when the sun is shining and Sam has country music blaring.

Cravings: GRAPEFRUIT. ALL THE GRAPEFRUIT. I have been getting a lot of crap about this because I put brown sugar on it and heat it up. I guess this is weird? I grew up doing it and it’s AMAZING.

Symptoms: Not as many head aches, but I also got some medication for this. But mostly feeling great!

Looking forward to: Dinner with my girls tonight, doctors appointment next week, and going to the zoo with my bigs.


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