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4 Different Ways to Use our Wet Dry Bags

4 Different Ways to Use our Wet Dry Bags

Big news! We just released our fan favorite Wet Dry Bag in 3 NEW colors - and we are obsessed with them! If you haven't seen them yet, check them out here:)

A lot of parents are confused about what our Wet Dry Bags do - but once they see how useful they are, they can't live without it.

We listed our favorite 4 ways to use the Wet Dry Bag below, and they all help with organizing your diaper bag and keeping your on the go routine clean! Read on...

1. Separate Wet Swimsuits After the Pool

Wet Dry Bag for On The Go Parents

At our local library, there's a cute splash pad out front and kids love playing in the water there. But once they're ready to change into clothes and spend some time in the library, where do those wet swimsuits go?

Our Wet Dry Bag saves the day - with a waterproof main compartment, you can chuck those swimsuits inside and zip it shut, without fear they will get your diapers or extra outfits wet! Whether you're at the pool, splash pad, or water park, it's a must have in your diaper bag.

2. Store Dirty Diapers On the Go

Wet Dry Bag Diaper Bag Accessory

Dirty diapers happen regardless whether it's convenient, and every mom knows changes out and about are common. But if you don't have a trash can to toss that dirty diaper, there's no good place to put it.

The Wet Dry Bag can do the dirty work and keep everything sealed and separate! Just toss a dirty diaper inside until you get to your nearest trash can, and you won't have to worry about leaks or smells.

3. Keep Trash Consolidated

Wet Dry Bag for New Parents

Bribing your toddler with snacks? Every day - but when the snacks are finished and you're left with sticky trash and no trash can, tossing the wrappers in your diaper bag isn't the best option.

Store all your trash in your Wet Dry Bag instead! It's easy to empty when you get home, and it prevents wrappers and crumbs piling at the bottom of your diaper bag.

4. Tackle Road Trip Blowouts

Mom Holding Wet Dry Bag Diaper Backpack Accessory

It's every parent's worst nightmare: having to strip clothes, go through an entire pack of wipes, and strip down a car seat on the side of the road.

Even the dreaded blowout is better with the Wet Dry Bag. Don't stress about where the mess will go for the rest of your drive - just throw wipes and soiled clothes inside so you can better deal with it at home! The best part? You can just toss your Wet Dry Bag straight in the wash, so messes are never a big deal. 

Peace of Mind - Right In Your Diaper Bag

With a Wet Dry Bag tucked in your diaper bag, you can trust no matter what comes your way you're prepared. We know parenthood is messy, but you don't have to tackle everything alone! Snag one of our new Wet Dry Bags for peace of mind on the go today 💕

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