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An In-Depth Review of Parker Baby Co. Bandana Bibs

An In-Depth Review of Parker Baby Co. Bandana Bibs

Hey! Annabelle here, the content creator here at Parker Baby Co., here to share another in-depth review with you!

Today I want to talk about our famous Drool Bandana Bibs. There are so many things I love about them! And I might be biased, but I wouldn't rave about them so much off the clock if I didn't really love them.

I'm going to share my honest review of our bibs today - watch the video below or keep reading to learn more about our soft & absorbent drool bandana bibs!


100% Cotton Front

One thing we really value here at Parker Baby Co. is using high quality materials. It's simple: you and your baby deserve the best.

Parker Baby Co Bandana Bib Laying Flat

Our Drool Bandana Bibs are all made with 100% organic cotton on the front, which means they feel so much softer than a lot of other bib brands out there. You might not be able to tell from the photo, but one touch of these bibs tells you everything you need to know: these are the quality you're looking for.

Soft Polyester Back

Along with using 100% organic cotton for the front, we used soft polyester for the back of our bibs. We found polyester to be especially insulating and absorbent, so all that drool gets soaked into the bib (and not your baby's cute outfit).

Back of Parker Baby Co. Bandana Bib

I love how soft these bibs feel on the back. You can put them on your baby with their shirt off while they eat, and you won't have to worry about their bare skin getting scratched.

Back of Parker Baby Co. Drool Bandana Bib

We also made sure the polyester we used is top-notch - so it won't fray or shed on your baby's clothes. 

Nickel-Free, Adjustable Snaps

One of my favorite features of our bandana bibs is the nickel free snaps! The snaps are adjustable, so you can fasten them around your baby's neck in two different spots.

Snaps on Parker Baby Co. Bandana Bib

This makes our bibs much more future proof! They'll grow with your baby, and our bibs fit most babies until they're up to 3 years old. Plus, if your baby's a bit of a chunker - these won't be too tight around his/her neck.

Snaps on Parker Baby Co. Bandana Bibs

We made our snaps nickel-free because we care about the safety of your baby. A lot of companies skimp on the quality of the materials they use to save money - these bibs go the extra mile to make sure your baby is safe and comfortable!

Plus, avoiding velcro is always a win in my book. Snaps don't scratch your baby's neck or pull their hair like velcro will 😣

Quality Stitching

The quality of these Drool Bandana Bibs really shows in the stitching. We made sure the string we used matches the bib color exactly, so you barely notice it's there.

Stitching on Parker Baby Co. Bandana Bibs

With stitching so tight, fraying or unwinding are much more uncommon. Our bibs are built to last as long as your baby needs them, and our quality stitching is part of that!

Stitching on Parker Baby Co. Bandana Bibs

So Many Colors & Patterns to Choose From

Did I mention my favorite part about these bibs? There are SO MANY colors and patterns to choose from. We have over a dozen sets that range from girly and bold to gender-neutral and aesthetic. With so many options to choose from, you can definitely find the right set for your baby's outfits.

Parker Baby Co. Estes Bandana Bibs

Colored with Lead-Free Dye

Yet another safety feature we thought was super important! Even though lead dyes and paints are banned in the U.S., you'd be surprised to see how many baby toys and baby products are contaminated. You won't have to worry when you buy one of our bandana bib sets - each one of our bibs is safe for you and your baby.

Parker Baby Co. Drool Bandana Baby Bibs

Machine Washable

You go through a lot of laundry as a mom, and any baby bibs you purchase need to keep up with the messes. Our bibs are machine washable, coming out as good as new after each wash. Lay flat to dry to keep your bibs nicer for longer.

Parker Baby Co. Drool Bandana Baby Bibs

Available in 4- or 8-Packs

How many bibs do you go through each day? More than you can count? You're not alone 😅 Thankfully our bibs come in 4- or 8-packs, so you won't run out in a single afternoon. A simple 8-pack provides plenty for your baby between washes!

Parker Baby Co. Rose Bandana Baby Bibs

Quality baby bibs are hard to come by, and we know it's hard to trust a product without seeing it face-to-face before you buy it. The relieving thing is - if you have any issues with your bibs after they arrive, our customer support team will happily help you with getting a replacement or a refund! We leave no mom on the hook.

I love Parker Baby Co.'s drool bandana bibs - and I'd endorse them just as much even if I worked elsewhere! At Parker Baby Co., we truly want the best for our customers, and we believe you'll love our bibs as much as we do.

Check out our 15+ different sets here and order your new favorite bibs today!

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