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Easter Baskets

Easter Baskets

I love Easter! Not only because of the importance in my faith, but because it is symbolic of the beginning of Spring and all things warm! I am doing Easter Baskets for the girls this year to celebrate and because they need a couple things for the warmer weather.



I bought these swimsuits from Mini Boden this year for all the girls. Ava and Eleanor are starting swimming lessons this month and I really LOVE these suits. I also got them a couple other things they will need for the warmer days (sunglasses, bubbles, chalk, and sunscreen). I also found these sticker books for church and for when we make the risky decision to go out to dinner as a family. I know they will get their fair share of candy at egg hunts at Grandma's, so I am skipping the sugar all together

I am pretty excited about how girly the twins are starting to act. They are always wanting to do makeup with me and are both very interested in accessories. I bought the girls these little travel blush brushes and some finishing powder for them to play with, and these AMAZING kids face masks that look like animals faces.

For Greta, along with her Mini Boden swimsuit, I got her some teethers. At 13 months, the girl still only has TWO teeth! I also included some sunglasses, Easter blocks, play necklaces, and toy shovels.

I recently gave the girls this book about Easter and what it is really all about! It does a GREAT job! Now I just have to be organized enough to remember to put it away and get it out every Easter...

It was so fun to start thinking about the warmer days and all the activities we are going to be starting this month. The girls haven’t stopped talking about swimming and riding bikes, and Greta is OBSESSED with being outside and playing in the dirt.

I hope that besides all of these worldly gifts, the girls will learn this Easter that the real gift and miracle is the empty tomb, that Jesus suffered and died for all of us, and has conquered death. Please Lord let them learn this above all else.


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Erin Forst

Just wondering where you got those teethers?

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