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7 Tips to Pull Off a Baby's First Christmas Photo Shoot

7 Tips to Pull Off a Baby's First Christmas Photo Shoot

Calling all baby mamas!

Christmas is right around the bend, and if this is your baby's first Christmas, I'm sure you already feel SO excited to make memories with them.

Your baby won't remember much from this first Christmas, but you will - and it's fun to make it special! One of the best ways to make some Christmas magic you can treasure for years is by setting up a "baby's first Christmas" photoshoot.

Photoshoots with infants are never easy, but we have a few tricks up our sleeve to keep it simple. Here's how to pull off the cutest baby's first Christmas photoshoot... Let's dive in!

1. Make Baby Comfortable

Baby Wearing Lumberjack Baby Bibs

The key to successful "baby's first Christmas" photos? A happy baby! It's so important to keep your baby comfy while your snapping pics - dress them in cozy outfits, ditch the headbands or hats if they keep ripping them off, and lay them on a comfortable, safe surface (like a rug, bed, or couch).

2. Timing is Everything

Baby Laying Down Wearing Holiday Baby Bib

Your baby probably has a routine they're used to - and it's best to avoid adjusting that. Plan your photoshoot between naps so they won't be tired. Feed them and change their diaper beforehand, too (so all your bases are covered). You might have to plan photos during an awkward part of the day, but trust me - it's worth it.

3. Roll with the Punches

Baby's First Christmas Photoshoot

It might be on your agenda to take adorable Christmas photos of your babe, but it might not be on your baby's (🥲). Life happens! You might need to take frequent breaks or settle for pictures of your baby sleeping. Go into your baby's first Christmas photoshoot with a flexible mindset - it'll be fun no matter what comes out of it!

4. Include Creative Props

Baby Wearing Drool Bandana Bibs for Christmas

Your photos don't have to look like all the others - get creative! Pose your baby with a pile of wrapped gifts, dress them in a cute reindeer costume, or give them a sugar cookie to gnaw on. You get the idea - come up with something that's doable, easy, and out of the box. Having festive props will also give your baby something to distract them while you take photos;)

5. Get in the Photos!

Mom Holding Baby for Baby's First Christmas

Baby's first Christmas doesn't have to exclusively feature baby - get in those photos too! Have sibs join the photos, get dad in the mix. Looking back on memories with the whole family involved will be so special. And if your baby has siblings, they will love being included.

6. Focus on the Accessories

Baby Wearing Christmas Baby Bib

Baby accessories make or break an adorable holiday outfit. Pair a simple onesie with a cute holiday bib and winter hat - and you have the cutest Christmas outfit you've ever seen. (Plus, that means you can turn a neutral outfit to Christmas-themed without buying an entirely new outfit). Mom win!

7. Total Flop? Try Again Later

Baby Wearing Drool Bandana Bib for Baby's First Christmas

Sometimes you do everything right, but baby still has a fussy day - and that's okay. Good photos are dependent on a happy baby, and sometimes it's just best to take a break and come back later. You and baby will feel much better on a different day.

Your baby only has their first Christmas once, so make the most of it! Wishing you the cutest photos you can treasure for years to come 🫶

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