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How to Make Your Husband Feel Special This Father's Day

How to Make Your Husband Feel Special This Father's Day

Father's Day is just around the corner, but you don't always have to do the classic "gift and cards" approach. If you know your husband's love language, start there to find a unique and meaningful way to make him feel special this Father's Day:

Physical Touch

Couple Kissing

They say every man's top love language is physical touch - so take these ideas as inspiration to make your hubby feel extra loved this Father's Day!

Cuddle Up & Watch His Favorite Movie

Physical touch does not have to be sexual all the time! We get it - after a long day of work, wrangling your kiddos, cooking, and cleaning, all you want to do is relax. So do that! Let your husband pick his favorite show or movie and snuggle up on the couch with his favorite midnight snack.

Back Rub After The Kids Get to Bed

What man doesn't love a back massage? If you want to make it extra special, grab some lotion or oil (olive or coconut suggested) and follow a back massage routine from Youtube to target his tightest muscles.

Buy Some New Lingerie 😉

Okay, time to get spicy! We'd be lying if we said the greatest gift you can give your husband is - well, you;). Stop by Victoria's Secret and splurge a little for this Father's Day (a gift you'll both love).

Words of Affirmation

Dad Getting Hugged By His Kids

Almost everyone has this love language at the top of their lists! You'll be surprised at how impactful a few loving words can be.

Write Him a Love Letter

If you ever wrote love notes to each other while dating, it's time to rekindle that flame. Sit down for a while and really think about all the reasons you love your amazing husband, and tell him! Remember all the things you loved about him the day you got married, and how they've only deepened through the years. This might be a tear-jerking way of making hubby feel loved, but arguably the most meaningful.

Make Cards with Your Kids

Don't leave the kids out! Grab some markers, stickers, and construction paper to make dad some epic Father's Day cards. Nothing touches the heart more than those precious toddler drawings 🥺

Text Him Throughout the Day

If he has to work on Father's Day, don't let him feel uncelebrated! Go ahead - spam him with "I love you's." (You might even send him a dirty text if you're feeling spicy;).

Quality Time

Dad Pushing Stroller

Quality Time is a love language everyone appreciates, and it's easy and meaningful to give. Try these ideas to make your husband feel so loved this Father's Day:

Hire a Babysitter and Do a Real Date Night

If it's been a while since you've had a *real* date night, maybe it's time to plan one. Hire a babysitter you trust and get out of the house - go to his favorite restaurant, dress up, you can even come home late if you want to!

Make Pizzas Together as a Family

Want to spend Father's Day celebrating dad as a family? Grab some simple pizza ingredients and make pizzas at home with the kids. Cleanup is easy, food is yummy, and building pizzas is a great way to laugh and have fun together.

Get Him The Adventure Challenge

My husband and I have the Couples Edition, which is great for fun & spontaneous date ideas! But you can also grab the Family Edition for activities to try as a family, or the In Bed Edition to spice up sexy time with your husband. You can't go wrong with any of them!


Dad Wearing Diaper Backpack

Sometimes a good gift really shows your husband just how much you appreciate them as a father. These ideas might help you gain a better idea of what your hubby wants:

 Have Him Build an Amazon List

Men are hard to shop for - am I right or am I right? Sometimes it's hard to guess what he wants, and sometimes it feels like he has everything he wants already! Have him build a wish list in Amazon to help you out. He can put any gift he wants on the list, and it serves as a great "gift map" for other holidays like Christmas and birthdays too!


Maybe it's time to surprise your husband with something big - perhaps a new piece of furniture you needed, the puppy you've been talking about, or an upgrade to a home space he will love. He'll be shocked for sure!

Check Out Our Father's Day 2023 Gift Guide

Still struggling for gift ideas? Make sure to check out our 2023 Father's Day gift guide - we have a gift for every dad in there, with plenty in a reasonable price range.

Acts of Service

Dad Holding Baby on Shoulders

Acts of service are generous, intentional, and will definitely make your spouse feel loved. Contemplate what he'd appreciate most and go for it!

Wash/Clean His Car

A clean car feels SO nice, so surprise him with one! Wash and buff the outside, vacuum the inside, and organize anything in his trunk or truck bed. Get the kids involved for a fun family surprise.

Make His Favorite Meal

He might choose something elaborate, but that Father's Day meal you make him will be a labor of love. Let him pick whatever he wants all the way down to dessert and have fun cooking something out of the norm.

 Meal Prep His Lunches for the Week

If your husband commutes, you know meal planning can be stressful. Make his favorite lunch and meal plan it for the rest of the week so he doesn't have to worry about it. This act of service simply won't go unnoticed!

You Know Your Husband Best

We get it - kids, although the joy of our lives, can really complicate plans and make it more difficult to celebrate holidays like Father's Day. You have a lot on your plate as a wonderful mom, and celebrating your husband doesn't have to be over-the-top or elaborate!

You know your husband best. You know what makes him feel loved. So if it isn't glamorous, that's okay! Show love to your husband, thank him for being the amazing dad he is, and spend time together as a family. That's all he likely wants anyway ;).

You're doing amazing, mom.

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