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How to Make Your Milestone Photos Insta-Worthy

How to Make Your Milestone Photos Insta-Worthy

Today we are featuring our lovely Brand Ambassador, Jessica Lewis and her sweet fam! Jessica is an incredible photographer and mama to her sweet girl Kove. She graciously shared some of her tips on how to take milestone photos with your baby ~ read on for some sage photography wisdom!


As a photographer and a mom, I of course love taking all of the photos of my sweet baby girl! Each month we take milestone photos to see how much she’s grown and I truly love that I will forever have those photos to look back on. I thought it would be so fun to share a bit of my knowledge with you to help you take milestone photos of your babies to the next level! Let’s get to it!


Lighting is key when taking photos and can make or break your end result! Find a space in your home near a window or glass door that lets in a good amount of light and use that area for your set up. Since you’ll likely be taking your baby's milestone photos inside, pay attention to when your home has the most natural light and plan to take photos around that time!

Baby Girl Nursery Photography


I love adding textures to my photos just to give them a little extra something. Blankets work as a great backdrop for these photos and you can have a little fun by layering them to add some more color and textures. Parker Baby Co. Quilts and Swaddle Sets are great options! I personally love adding a changing pad basket  because you can also see how big baby is getting in caparison to the basket! You can also play around with other items like adding in a stuffed animal, lovey, flowers, a letter board, or milestone plaques.

Changing Basket with Month Plaque for Baby


This is usually the fun part because who doesn’t love coming up with cute outfits for baby?! Each month I like to come up with a new outfit, it may just be an outfit I think is cute or maybe it goes with a holiday that’s coming up.

Typically if the outfit has a pattern to it, I will try to keep the backdrop pretty plain and neutral, but if you have a fun patterned blanket/backdrop then keeping the outfit simple and neutral will keep your photos more aesthetically pleasing! If you have a baby girl you can’t go wrong with any of these bows!

Baby Girl Outfit With Baby Girl Bows


I know Instagram and most editing apps include filters, but I definitely recommend looking into buying a preset instead. Don’t worry, it’s essentially the same thing, but there are way better preset options out there than what just comes with all those apps! Presets are 100% your preference, everyone loves a different style and look so I recommend checking out Etsy! There are TONS of options to choose from and so many are under $5. Most of them are one click edits and boom... you’ve got IG worthy milestone photos!

Baby Girl Photography

Milestone Photos for Baby Girl

I also think it's so important to remember that capturing these photos isn't always the easiest task. Sure there are some days when it's a breeze and baby is happy, but there are also days with crying and lots of songs being sang, crazy noises/faces to just get that one smile!

My advice for those days? Take LOTS of photos so you don't miss a cute face or smile. If it's just not working out, then try again later or on a different day. I don't always take my daughter's milestone photos one the exact day that she turns a new month old, I just try to keep it close to that date!

You got this mama, and in case no one has told you today, you are doing amazing!

Share in the comments what was most helpful to you!

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