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My Silver Lining: Having a baby during Covid-19

My Silver Lining: Having a baby during Covid-19

My Silver Lining
By Allie Smith

2020 will be known as the year that obligated the world to restructure its societal norms.

The ripple effects of these sudden and forced changes were felt globally, and for new moms these changes hit hard. As a society, COVID-19 altered our ability to work, travel, attend special events, and simply enjoy each other’s company. The uncertainty of it all diminished any hope of staying calm and carrying on.

Being a first-time mom in a pandemic flooded my thoughts with fears and a constant feeling of uneasiness, but I was not going to let something that was out of my control control me.

That's when I decided to change my inner monologue. My first step was accepting the fact that there was no alternative; I was going to be raising one of the many COVID-19 babies.
 having a baby during the pandemic
Ordinarily our friends and family would have filled the house those first few months, going above and beyond to help in any way they could, but that was not the case.

The repercussions from COVID-19 did not leave us completely untouched. My grandmother passed away during this time (non-COVID related) and sadly, was not able to meet her first great grandbaby in person. One life was lost almost alongside the long-awaited birth of another. It is hard for me to accept that she was only three hours away, but again it was out of our control; the pandemic put us both under lockdown. I would give anything to introduce my grandmother to Vivian, just once.
 dad and baby
That is when I realized that through one of the most unpredictable events, our family was given the opportunity to experience the pandemic through a unique lens. We quickly learned to refocus our attention on the positives of having a baby during a global pandemic.

For example, both Mom and Dad get to experience an extended maternity/paternity leave together. This silver lining offered us a once in a lifetime opportunity: a chance to experience something that many other parents were not given. Quarantine enabled us to slow down, unplug and build our foundation as a family.
 family time during a pandemic Covid-19
Once we were able to look beyond the loss, our fears, and the uncertainties, we began to appreciate the little gifts we were given. Our brightest silver lining was welcoming our firstborn, Vivian Moore, on March 7, 2020 in Rhode Island.

baby girl in Grace Knit Headbands

How sweet is Vivian in our Grace Set


Martha Prell

so well written and expressed . Allie has turned a negative situation into a positive experience.. Allie and her new baby Vivian are a true bkessing to this world.. I love them both dearly!! So proud of the woman you are Allie!!! Sending back good vibes and positive energy there is never ever enough of this today. May you continue on your path..reach for the stars…because you will always be a shining star to me!! Love Martha


What a lovely take on such a trying time for us all. It’s nice to know there are other mamas in it with me.

Maryann Ritchotte

You are an inspiration to all, even those of us that have raised our babies, well mostly. I love this perspective from a new mom. My Grace is 15 yrs old. It was a struggle to have to do schooling from home as a freshman. She was away from all her friends for months. It became very depressing for her. We were both depressed. What can you do? … Just what my friend Allie did…. Dig in and make everyday special. This is the chance we have been waiting for, for years! We got out side, we gardened together, walked the dog together, acted silly together, went to the beach, went for ice-cream. We shared our feelings together. We now have a bond that will last a life time. I was able to pass down my herbal wisdom to her , as a Clinical Herbalist and a Customer Service educator it’s my duty to educate. Covid-19 reminded me of all of these wonderful things. I was brought up outside! Man how we soon forget the important things. Allie, I have watched over the last several months, your beautiful daughter grow. You have a layed a foundation of love, compassion and family that will serve her well in the future, it will serve all of you well. I am so proud of you! I always new you would be a great mom. I miss you my friend. Stay safe. Love you!! Hey by the way…you picked the wrong career. You should really be a writer! xoxoxox

Mary Habich

Such a great message! These babies will always have a special place in our world and in our hearts! Congratulations on your first piece and your first baby! She is beautiful, like her momma!


What a heart warming post!! There are few silver linings during this time!! Vivian is the most beautiful baby in her Parker baby headband. These will be a must have for future baby shower gifts!

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