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Potty Training my Toddler

Potty Training my Toddler

I am currently in the thick of potty training my almost 2 year old, Hazel. She started showing a few signs that she might be ready by 1.) telling us before she would go "poo" and 2.) following us into the bathroom and tugging at her diaper. And me being about a month away from delivering our 3rd baby, I was motivated to start the process! How great would it be for just one Safarik kiddo to be in diapers?!

I definitely don't have all the answers, but I do have a few tips that might help if you're going through the same process yourself.

Low Expectations

Potty training is a major milestone for your little one. It can be messy, confusing, and honestly overwhelming for both of you. Set low expectations the first couple of weeks!

Accidents will happen and that is totally normal and OK. Try your best to be patient with your toddler and with yourself. We keep a stocked Diaper Caddy with wipes, extra undies, lotion, diaper cream, potty training books, and pee/stain spray to help combat any messes or mishaps. Plus it makes it convenient moving the Caddy room to room when you're chasing that little naked bum around.  

When planning your first outings with your diaper free child, stock your car! Bring extra clothes and underwear, a travel potty to keep in your trunk, and puppy pads for the carseat if you're worried about emergency accidents. 

Potty Training Toddler.

Set a Routine

The key to successful potty training (in my opinion) is consistency and a routine/schedule. Stick to one method, and be consistent for multiple days. For us, we have always started with a long "pants-less" weekend. We keep a little potty wherever we are spending the most time and encourage them to use it every 30 minutes to an hour.

Pay attention to your child's cues. Hazel was not a frequent potty user. Once I figured out how frustrated she was getting with the constant reminder to go, I lessened the prompting. We quickly got in to a rhythm that worked for her and it's safe to say we had great success! 

Make it Fun!

Let your little one pick out fun undies or order some cute pairs you think they will like. My favorites for Hazel are from Hanna Andersson. Charlie (our oldest) rocks his boxer briefs from the Cat & Jack brand at Target. Sing songs to encourage them to sit longer on the potty and "try". Encourage them to stay hydrated with a fun new cup or water bottle. 

Hanna Andersson Toddler Underwear


I did not follow any set guide before jumping into potty training with either of my kids. But there are SO many awesome resources out there. Your local Library will have tons of books for you and books for little one. We added The New Potty (Little Critter) and The Potty Book for Girls (or boys) to our own collection. We also watched the Daniel Tiger episode (season 1 episode 11) about 100 times (at least it feels like that!).

Chat with your friends, your parents, your neighbors... Most likely they've experienced the trials and tribulations of potty training and can offer you support. 

Just remember to stay calm ~ you got this! Your toddler can do it! 🚽 And share any tips you have in the comments section. 👏

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