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Restocking My Diaper Caddy

Restocking My Diaper Caddy

Being a new mama, I have to be prepared wherever I go. To make sure I'm ready for any blowout, dirty diaper, or spit-up disaster, I have three different diaper caddies:

1. One for my breast pump supplies.

2. One in my living room for main floor diaper changes. I knew right away I didn't want to be going upstairs for every diaper change throughout the day.

3. A Car Caddy with diaper changing essentials + extra outfit, toys, and books for the car

Today, let's address my most used Diaper Caddy - the one in my living room. Sunday nights, as I prepare for the week, I restock my diaper caddy. Here's how I figured out what to put in my diaper caddy.

Pro-tip: going to grandparent's houses often? Pack a similar diaper caddy to keep there!

Rope Diaper Caddy Pacl 

What to Put in Diaper Caddy

Diapers + Wipes : I typically fit about 12-15 diapers

Diaper Cream

Changing pad: love having this thin pad that I can just throw on the floor or couch to change my babe right in the living room

Small toys: to distract when diaper changing

Boogie Mist + Boogie Wipes + Nose Frida: Frankie has already had 2 colds! Boogie wipes are incredible and while I hate sucking baby girl's nose, it's so satisfying when she can breathe so much better after!

Multiple pacifiers: we have since given up, but for a while we were trying every type of pacifier & trying to get Frances on board. 

Extra Bandana Bibs: on days these are needed - we typically go through 3+

Extra socks

Burp cloths

Extra headbands: accessorizing is very important :)


Am I missing anything? How do you figure out what what to put in your diaper caddy?

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Sarah Kurtz

I just added Nail clippers to ours!

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