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Top 10 Children's Books That Celebrate Black History Month

Top 10 Children's Books That Celebrate Black History Month

It's so important to discuss black history with your children, and February is the perfect time to do it. These children's books will educate, inspire, and empower your little one all while keeping them captivated with awesome illustrations!

Check out our favorite children's books that celebrate black history below:

1. The ABCs of Black History

The ABCs of Black History Children's Book

This profound board book is an awesome one to add to your shelf this month! Letter by letter, Lauren Semmer goes through the different words, moments, and victories involved in black history - all in a simple way your child will be able to understand. Illustrated in bright, fun colors, this is such a great way to involve black history into your child's story time! Order a copy here.

2. I Am Enough

I Am Enough Children's Book for Black History Month

This book won't just inspire your kids - it will inspire you! This beautiful story teaches children to love who they are exactly how they've been created, and that's a message every child should hear. It's a New York Times Bestseller and teacher's pick nationwide - definitely a great choice for Black History Month with your little one. Order a copy here.

3. Skin Like Mine

Skin Like Mine Children's Book

Skin Like Mine is an incredible book to show your kids how to see the beauty in everyone. It celebrates diversity in a way young children can grasp, and the illustrations are fun and captivating. It is also a part of a series that includes Hair Like Mine, Baby Like Mine, and more - definitely worth checking out! Order a copy here.

4. Dream Big, Little One

Dream Big, Little One Board Book for Black History Month

This charming board book features bold black women throughout history, providing incredible examples of bravery and character for your little one to look up to. Not only does this story share black history, but these strong role models will inspire you and your baby as you grow together. Order a copy here!

5. Follow Your Dreams, Little One

Follow Your Dreams, Little One Board Book for Black History Month

Follow Your Dreams, Little One is similar to Dream Big, Little One - this time featuring the guys! This book provides awesome black role models while also detailing and celebrating black history, told by monumental black men. Inspiring and educating, this board book strikes the perfect balance for your little one. Order one here.

6. Sulwe

Sulwe Children's Book for Black History Month

Yet another national teacher's pick, Sulwe is a powerful story that encourages children to see their own unique beauty. It's received several esteemed literature awards, and for good reason. Add this to your bookshelf this month for a touching tale of a little black girl that will inspire both you and your children every time you read it. Order here!

7. Miss Tizzy

Miss Tizzy Children's Book for Black History Month

Miss Tizzy is a touching tale of an elderly black women and a community who loves her. It encourages diversity, empathy, and selflessness all in just a few pages of heartwarming prose. Colorful, fun, and in the end profound, this is a great story to grab to celebrate Black History Month. Order one here.

8. Your Name is a Song

Your Name is a Song Children's Book for Black History Month

This adorable story teaches children who's names are often mispronounced to embrace their culture, heritage, ethnicity, and beauty. It's empowering to read and refreshing to see a mother-daughter duo in a children's book. If you want your baby to love their name - where they've come from, their family, and who they are - this is a great book. Order here.

9. The Skin You Live In

The Skin You Live In Black History Children's Book

The Skin You Live In is a simple and sweet story that teaches kids to love and embrace the differences in our skin. Vivid imagery will bring your imagination to life as you read, and your child will love seeing the beauty in each different skin tone. Order a copy for Black History Month here

10. Hair Love

Hair Love Black History Month Children's Book

This fun, touching story is about a young black girl and her father, attempting to style her hair for a special occasion. It not only depicts a refreshing example of a healthy father-daughter relationship, but it also teaches kids to embrace who they are (hair and all). If you don't have it already, definitely grab this story for Black History Month! Order here.

It's important to talk about black history with your kids, and February is the perfect time to do it! These books inspire, educate, and empower little ones and adults, and they are definitely worth adding to your bookshelf at home.

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