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Tried and True Teething Tools

Tried and True Teething Tools

Soothing your baby, dealing with drool, & how to help a teething baby sleep...

My first baby sprouted his very first tooth on Easter. My second baby’s first tooth popped through on Labor Day. Both babies were around seven months old. I expect my third baby to continue this trend, so come Valentine’s Day, when he has just turned seven months, I will be thoroughly prepared with all the necessary teething tools.

Teething Baby Tricks & Tools:

Frozen Washcloths – Every baby is different so things that help sooth one infant’s gums may only aggravate another. I was skeptical when my pediatrician suggested sticking a wet washcloth in the freezer and then letting my baby gnaw on it once frozen.

Jonah (AKA baby number one) looked at me like I was a crazy person when I kept trying to introduce the frozen washcloth. Amelia (AKA baby number two) couldn’t get enough of this tactic! Luckily I have found the perfect washcloths to get the job done; it helps that they're all natural and made for baby…double bonus! It's my favorite tip on how to help a teething baby sleep or be soothed.

Silicone Teethers – This is one of the cutest teething baby tricks out there. I have learned, as Jonah has gotten older, that he's all about the texture of things he puts in his mouth. I now realize this is why he LOVED silicone teething toys. Now that I've developed more mama knowledge along the way, I've found 100% silicone teethers (in cute designs of course) are my kiddo's favorites!

Drool Bibs – With any teething baby comes heaps and heaps of drool! Harrison (AKA baby number three) goes through 3-4 bibs a day. Days I forget a bib I lovingly refer to the drool patch on his shirt as the ‘crescent moon of drool.’ Fortunately, I am utterly prepared with oodles of stylish bandana bibs from Parker Baby Co.

Mesh Teething Feeders – I quickly realized with the frozen washcloth that Amelia enjoyed frozen teething toys. She was also very food motivated. Mesh teething feeders not only soothed her gums but also provided entertainment while Mama made dinner (one of the best tips on how to help a teething baby out there). She especially liked when I would put frozen strawberries in the feeder…she just needed to be in her highchair with a bib, because OY the mess! 

When all natural courses fail, I often turn to Children’s Motrin. My pediatrician informed me it is better for swelling than Tylenol. This really helps with how to help a teething baby sleep. I will admit that in extreme cases I start with the Motrin and just continue rotating all my tried and true teething tools, or simply just pray that one day they will all have their teeth and I will have a fighting chance at sleeping again.

Keep fighting the good fight Mamas and happy teething trails to you!

Muslin Cotton Washcloths from Parker Baby Co.

muslin cotton baby washcloths

Silicone Teethers from Little Teethers

100% silicone teethers for teething drooling baby

Bandana Bibs from Parker Baby Co

The Estes Bandana Drool Bib Set for teething and drooling babies

Lodgepole Muslin Quilt from Parker Baby Co.

muslin cotton baby blankets and quilts for toddlers


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