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What To Put In Your Child's Easter Basket (Affordable & Healthy)

What To Put In Your Child's Easter Basket (Affordable & Healthy)

Easter is almost here! Packing goodies in baskets and anticipating Easter Sunday is so fun, and I can't wait. But while the warm weather is approaching and tulips are poking their heads above ground, those early spring colds are also here with a vengeance. Anyone else gotten sick in the last few weeks? 🙋‍♀️

My mom came to expect those March/April bugs and tried to keep our Easter baskets as healthy as she could (without compromising fun, of course). If you're trying to keep your kids healthy too, you might want to take a few of her tips! Here's what she filled our Easter baskets with growing up:

Annie's Easter Bunny Fruit Snacks

Annie's makes a ton of adorable bunny snacks, but their Easter bunny fruit snacks are one of my childhood favorites. Made with organic ingredients, they're way healthier than conventional gummies and they're affordable too. These fruit snacks are a great substitute for artificial colors and flavors, and your kiddos won't even notice a difference!

Little Secrets Chocolate Candy

Little Secrets is seriously delicious (even for adults)! My mom always got the peanut butter chocolate pieces for us, but the crispy wafers are sooo good as well. Be sure to order a few extra bags for the Easter Bunny this year, they're that good;). 

Honey Sticks

I grew up loving these things! Your local natural grocers will likely have tons of flavors to choose from, but if you're not sure where to start you can easily order on Amazon. They're still sweet and delicious, but serve as a super healthy substitute for the conventional candy your kids are used to.

Organic Easter Jelly Beans

Okay, I know you might be skeptical... I get it, it's hard to replace the original jelly beans. But, these are a pretty good compromise, and if your kids love sour candies they are perfect! I loved these growing up and still enjoy them from time to time. And they come in cute, pastel Easter colors. Perfect!

Reeses Peanut Butter Eggs

This isn't exactly organic, all-natural, or healthy, but they are considered the healthiest Easter candy! With only 8 grams of sugar per serving and peanut butter at the top of the ingredient list (gotta make sure the kids get their protein:)), it's a lot better than most conventional candies. Plus, you can't skip out on this classic.

Organic Chocolate Bunny

This chocolate Easter bunny might be a bit of a splurge, but it's worth it to give your kids an Easter classic that's a little healthier than the rest! Made with organic ingredients, this adorable chocolate bunny is the highlight of every kid's Easter basket. You won't want to forget this one;).

Chocolate Covered Sunflower Seeds

Alright, hear me out ~ these things are addicting. My grandmother always used to have a bowl of these brightly colored chocolate sunflower seeds out on the table at Easter brunch, and the bowl would be empty by the time our family left. They taste delicious, look fun and Eastery, and trick your kids into eating those healthy sunflower seeds. Mom win!

Peeps (duh)

I get it, Peeps aren't healthy at all. But I'm sure in your experience as a mother you've learned life is all about balance. It's okay to splurge sometimes, and Easter only happens once a year. Peeps are a personal favorite, so I had to include them (you simply can't have Easter without them). But even if your kid's Easter basket is full of regular old candy, give yourself grace. Your kids will love whatever you put in their baskets ~ you're doing great.

Robin Eggs

Finishing off with a childhood favorite! Again, not the healthiest, but this affordable Easter candy fits perfectly into Easter eggs, doesn't melt too quickly, and tastes so yummy (even for adults). Something about Whoppers dressed to look like robin eggs makes them that much more delicious;).

All these treats are delicious, affordable, and (mostly) healthy for your kiddos. Hopefully you found some to pack this year! And if I left any Easter candy healthy alternatives, drop them in the comments below! We'd love to hear your tricks;).

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