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20 Major Mom Hacks (From Fellow Moms with Babies)

20 Major Mom Hacks (From Fellow Moms with Babies)

As incredible as the parenting journey is, it definitely isn't easy. And if you're like us, you're constantly on the lookout for new tips, tricks, and hacks to make this whole momming thing easier!

Today we interviewed a few of our favorite moms and asked them for their best mom hacks. You can trust each of these is baby- and toddler-tested through and through. Check them out below!

Jessica - Mom to Frankie & Leo:

Mom Holding Toddler with Quilt

1. Get a wipeable changing pad

For the love!! I love our Keekaroo, but there are many options. With my little boy - he literally peed every time we changed his diaper for the first 2 weeks - can you imagine if we had to change a cover on the pad every time?! I keep clorox wipes nearby and just wipe the whole thing down. And for on-the-go? Grab a wipeable and foldable changing pad!

2. Organize outgrown clothes in bins

I keep a Rope Storage Cube in each of my kids' closets to toss clothes that don't fit anymore and when it is full I organize and store permanently or donate. It's much easier to stay on top of it if you can just toss items in the bin as they outgrow vs. having to do a big clean-out and having clothes in their drawers that no longer work.

3. Keep a Belt Bag in your Diaper Bag

I keep my Belt Bag in the "mommy-pocket" of our original Birch Bag or the large front pocket of our Mini and it holds all my essentials: wallet, chapstick, keys. That way, if I am out and about and don't need to bring my whole bag in somewhere, I can just snag it! I can also use it when alone on-the-go and then just throw the whole thing in my bag when going out on a family outing.

4. Get a diaper bag dad loves too

Get a diaper backpack that is neutral enough for dad -- so he will carry it when out and you can be free ;)

5. Upgrade your grocery pickup game

King Soopers allows you to "Save" Grocery lists so you can create a couple variations that are the main meals/food you need in your house each week and just repeat the order.

6. Cranky baby/toddler hack

Cranky toddler or teething baby? A popsicle in the bathtub has NEVER failed for us.

7. Coffee ready - ALWAYS

Get a coffee maker with auto-brew.

8. Pack a Diaper Caddy for grandma's house

Pack a diaper caddy to keep at grandma's with all the essentials: diapers, wipes, cream, extra set of clothes, meds, burp cloths. When we are going there for the day, I don't have to worry about packing everything!

Judith - Mom to Hugo & Vicky:

Mom Wearing Belt Bag

9. Zippered onesies for newborns

I only bought zippered onesies for night changes when my kids were infants! This way I didn't spent too much time trying to buttom up in the middle of the night.

10. Post-it note hack

I used to carry post-its all the time so when my kid started to cry in church or in a restaurant, I would stick 10-15 post-its on a chair and they would have to peel them and give them back. Keeps them distracted and entertained.

11. Easy ice pack

Don't have ice packs on hand? Freeze sponges in ziploc bags so when your kids fall and hit their heads, you can run to the fridge and grab a bag.

Emma - Mom to Charlie, Hazel, & Olive

Mom with Baby Wearing Belt Bag

12. BEST teething hack

Freeze washcloths for teething! Also frozen waffles make GREAT teethers for babies, and they're yummy.

13. No-mess popsicles

Adding a cupcake liner to a popsicle helps catch the drip for little ones, so you don't have to mop up any sticky mess.

14. Less tantrums at toy stores

Take photos of your kid with the toy they are begging for at the store and "save it for later" for birthdays or Christmas (move it to a folder in your phone or just add it to your favorites!). Totally helps the meltdowns.

Tabi - Mom to JJ

Mom Holding Baby with Burp Cloth

15. Keep a car caddy

Keeping a Parker Baby Co. Diaper Caddy in my car has been a life saver!!! I can just hop in the car without my diaper bag and know that I have wipes, different size diapers for any other moms who have babies, extra bibs, toys, and anything else I need. I just slide it under the car seat side and I barely notice it's there!..unless I need something from it

16. Mini tupperware hack

I buy mini plastic containers for baby's food! A lot of times, my son won't finish the food on his plate and I don't want to waste the food. So I bought a few mini plastic containers from the Dollar Tree because their portions are so small and they are just the right size! In the end, it's less dishes to be used and fewer big bulky containers or plastic sandwich bags in the fridge for the next baby-sized meal.

17. Rotate your baby's toys

Rotate your toys! Each week I put out different toys for my 16 month old son. I heard it encourages them to play with all their toys at specific times. When I had all the toys out at once, he would get bored of them and start to play with my hair clips and cup holders instead. Now that I rotate them or even push some further down the toy chest and place others at the top, he's re-interested in the toys again!

Sarah - Mom to Georgia

Mom Wearing Gray Belt Bag

18. Facebook Marketplace always

Facebook Marketplace is my favorite hack! Especially when living in Chicago in a small condo with a baby/toddler. Facebook Marketplace was my go-to for finding new toys/swings/jumpers/walkers, etc. to test out and then sell immediately after use since they go through phases so fast! Thankfully I lived in an area that had a lot of supply and demand so I could basically re-sell the items I bought only a few months later, not having to keep big toys in our living room at all times!

19. If your toddler hates brushing their hair:

My toddler hates having her hair brushed, so I have her count to 10 or sing ABCs - she loves to show off her new skills while having a sense of control. I also show her TikTok videos of toddler hair styles and have her choose which style she likes. I also tell her it's "princess hair", mermaid hair, etc. whatever she's into at the moment!

20. Hide vegetables

Trader Joe's is our go-to place for hiding vegetables! They so many veggie options that my toddler loves: stir fry cauliflower rice, veggie burgers, veggie potstickers, Veggies Made Great muffins from Costco (or other grocery stores) - Made with carrots and zucchini... SO GOOD (cinnamon roll is my fave).

Looking for more hacks?

Those are all the mom hacks we have today - but that doesn't mean you can't discover more. At Parker Baby Co., we have a thriving Facebook group called Rooted where moms can share their experiences, hacks, and advice in a heartwarming community designed to build each other up.

If you want to join Rooted and snatch more mom hacks, join our group here! We would love it if you joined us 🫶

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Hello, I am a grandma to 8. I loved your mom hacks. It’s been years since I was a mom with little ones . I want to thank you for taking time to share these hack with us grandmas as well. Very smart hacks. I remember the washcloth hack and sing while you brush their hair and sometimes we do have to hide the veggies. . My daughter in law, Gabby bought me your caddy for grandma’s house , what a great caddy. I tell so many of my friend to buy one. I even got one for my daughter Mary who lives in Tennessee with her baby Michael that just turned one! Thank you for your creativity! Your friend, Kim Mechikoff

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