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5 Ways Dad Can Wear Parker Baby Co.'s Belt Bag

5 Ways Dad Can Wear Parker Baby Co.'s Belt Bag

Our new Belt Bags have been a HIT the last few weeks - and we love to see all our PBC mamas showing them off! But we thought it was time to share some content for the guys - we're talking to you, PBC dads.

Our Belt Bags are the perfect trendy, neutral, and functional bag for the dads, too. Here's how to style the Parker Baby Co. Belt Bag on your next adventure...

1. Hiking

Carrying an entire backpack on your next hike can be a bit much (especially if you have a toddler or baby strapped to your back the whole way). But you still need to carry the essentials close while you hike. Solution? The Belt Bag.

Strap it over your shoulder and carry snacks, your phone, keys, wallet, sunscreen, and sunglasses inside so you are ready for adventure without being weighed down. Our Belt Bags look rugged and stylish over your favorite hoodie or graphic tee, perfect for hiking this summer.

2. Errands (Grocery, Post Office, etc.)

So you have a few errands to run - maybe to the grocery store, post office, or gas station. And if you have little ones going with you, you don't want to pack the entire diaper bag for a short trip.

The Belt Bag is your perfect option. Pack a single diaper and thin pack of wipes inside, so you don't have to bring all the supplies when you're running a quick errand. It's discreet, easy to grab when you're running out the door, and lightweight.

Belt Bag for Dads on Table

3. Concert

The worst situation at a concert? Carrying a bag all around with you all. night. long. It's the worst, especially if you have to change seats or don't have a good place to store it under your seat.

Our Belt Bags stay close and are barely noticeable - just leave it on while you jam out and you'll hardly notice it's there. Plus, you won't have to worry about your valuables being stolen - which means you can enjoy the concert that much more.

4. Walk with the Kids to the Park

A simple walk to the park with the kids? We've got you covered there, too. Similar to running errands, you won't want to pack and bring your entire diaper bag with you if you're just going on a short walk. But if something goes down, the park is the worst place to be unprepared.

So... bring your Belt Bag! Pack a few essentials - a diaper, some wipes, and maybe a snack - to be prepared for your park trip but not weighed down with an overwhelming supply of baby products.

Dad Wearing Parker Baby Co. Belt Bag

5. Coffee Shop

Whether you're meeting a friend for coffee or working for a few hours in peace, the coffee shop is the perfect place to wear your Belt Bag. You'll be able to keep all your valuables like your phone, keys, and wallet close, so the chances of leaving or losing them are slim.

Plus, our Belt Bag comes in all the neutral, tasteful colors you need, and they pair perfectly with the casual outfits you'd sport to any coffee shop. Pair your Belt Bag with some classy sneakers, a ballcap, and your favorite sweatshirt, and you'll be the most stylish guy there.

Biggest Bonus: Being Prepared

Wearing a Belt Bag doesn't just add to your outfit - it helps you be prepared no matter where you are. And as an awesome dad, being prepared is your middle name. Having everything you need within an arm's reach is a huge asset when you have kiddos in tow!

PBC dads: if you don't already have a Parker Baby Co. Belt Bag, make sure to grab one today. You might be surprised with how much you end up loving it ;).

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