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A Romantic Fall Day with the Autumn Gift Set...

A Romantic Fall Day with the Autumn Gift Set...

It was the perfect fall day.

Waking up to vibrant trees outside my window will never grow old. I had a few minutes to brew a hot cup of coffee before my six month old, Arlow, woke up.

I changed Arlow into a warm sweater and brought him downstairs. He played with measuring cups while I made breakfast - pumpkin pancakes. We're a pumpkin spice household and not ashamed to say it.

We ate breakfast together, the leaves tossing outside like falling kites. It was the perfect day for an afternoon walk.

But first - some snuggles.

Green Buffalo Quilt

Morning snuggles with Arlow in the fall feel even cozier. I snag his favorite blanket from the basket beside our couch and pull out a few board books. Arlow reaches for his favorite lately - You're My Little Pumpkin Pie.

Green Buffalo Quilt for Babies and Toddlers

We flip through the pages, and I read the story I've read a dozen times between sips of coffee. He points to the pictures - pumpkins and leaves and black cats.

"I'll hold you close so you know that you're safe here in my arms," I read, pulling him close. He giggles and squeezes his green buffalo quilt with tiny hands.

This is my perfect morning.

Oatmeal Diaper Caddy

After Arlow naps, afternoon rolls around and I figure it's the perfect time for an Autumn walk. The sun is shining, and although the summer heat is history, it stills feels warm outside.

We load into the car - Arlow doesn't love driving, but he knows we're going to his favorite park, and that always cheers him up.

I keep a car caddy packed with essentials on the ground behind Arlow's car seat, which helps me a ton when I inevitably forget something running out the door.

Diaper Caddy for New Moms

This time it's toys for the drive. I grab a few I keep in my caddy and hand them to Arlow - he looks happy as a clam.

Estes Bandana Bib Set

We arrive at the park in a few minutes, but part of me is sad the drive is so short. Listening to the Lumineers as we fly by colorful trees is one of my favorite pastimes.

Arlow's favorite park is a mix of children's playground and forest trails that loop around a quaint lake. I love the trail, Arlow loves the slide. We make a compromise and do both.

But before we head off, I always make sure to snap on a bandana bib to keep him dry.

Estes Drool Bandana Bibs on Boy

He's teething as of late, and I'll die before I let him ruin one of his adorable fall sweaters lol. These fall bibs soak up all that extra drool and snack mess while we're at the park so I don't have to worry about it.

Now all I have to do is grab the stroller and we're off.

Copper Multi-Use Cover

The slide's a hit - it always is. After a few minutes of giggling as I help him down each of the three slides at the park, buckle him back into the stroller, and start walking.

It doesn't take long before a breeze picks up. Fall in our city means changing weather - all the time. It doesn't look stormy, but it doesn't look like the wind will let up anytime soon either. Arlow starts fussing.

I didn't bring another jacket for him, but I always pack a car seat cover for times like these. You'd be surprised how much wind and cold a cover blocks out.

Mom Holding Car Seat with Car Seat Cover

I stretch my orange cover - perfectly fall - over Arlow's car seat to protect him from the wind. Now I can get my walk in without worrying about him getting cold. And sure enough, after a few minutes of walking, he's out like a light. All those playground shenanigans got him tired out.

The Autumn Gift Set

I love having all my favorite baby essentials at an arm's reach - and them coming in the cutest fall colors is just the cherry on top. I use all 4 of these products every single day, from snuggles with Arlow to walks in the park. And now they all come together in a gift set for 15% off? My perfect fall day just got even better ;)

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The Autumn Gift Set features your fall favorites: the Green Buffalo Quilt, Oatmeal Diaper Caddy, Estes Drool Bandana Bibs, and Copper Multi-Purpose Cover. Valued at $119, our $100 set saves you 15% and ensures you have all the fall baby essentials you need.

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