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An In-Depth Review of the Parker Baby Co. Felt Diaper Caddy

An In-Depth Review of the Parker Baby Co. Felt Diaper Caddy

Hey, Annabelle here! I'm the content creator for Parker Baby Co, and I wanted to share my in-depth review of our bestselling product, the Regular Felt Diaper Caddy.

Okay, I'm biased. I love all things Parker Baby Co. I have a bunch of products in my home and I use them daily. But my favorite (by far) has to be the Oatmeal Felt Diaper Caddy.

The truth is, here at Parker Baby Co. we have nothing to hide.

We're not a big box store who uses fancy marketing to convince you a $5 piece of garbage will change your life. We truly and honestly believe our products are high quality, worth every penny, and are super useful to moms. I wouldn't rave about them so much off the clock if I didn't;).

Today I'm going to share my honest review of our Oatmeal Felt Diaper Caddy - the details I love, what I use it for, and more. If you're skeptical our caddy is worth your hard-earned money, watch the video below or continue reading to see why we believe in our products so much!

So without further adieu... the Regular Felt Diaper Caddy 👏


Diaper Caddy Review: Material

One of the more unique parts of our Felt Diaper Caddy is the material we use. A lot of felt caddy copycats online use a thinner, less quality material for their caddies to save money. We use thick felt that's nearly a 1/4" thick, which allows the caddy to hold pretty heavy weight if needed (I've seen a lot of moms carry full water bottles, pumping equipment, and board books inside all at once).

Diaper Caddy Organizer for Moms

You can see from the photos how soft and gentle this caddy is. It's soft to the touch and safe for your baby. Throw some toys inside and put it on the ground during playtime - you can trust this caddy is safe for play.

Felt Diaper Caddy Organizer

The material we used is also very durable. Because felt is so pliable, you can use your caddy for years and it barely shows the wear-and-tear. It's nice knowing you're investing in a product that will last.

Diaper Caddy Review: Handles

The handles on our Felt Diaper Caddy are my favorite feature! Most knockoffs don't have handles that are quite as long, strong, or durable. Our handles are super easy to grab, so you can easily transport the caddy between rooms or out of the car. If you have a changing station upstairs but need to change a diaper downstairs, you can quickly grab the caddy if you're in a rush.

Felt Diaper Caddy Handles

If you don't need the handles ready to go, you can fold them neatly over the top or down the sides - no problem. I think it looks great either way, but if you're using the caddy as more of a storage basket, being able to bend the handles down is a nice feature.

Felt Diaper Caddy Handles

You can see from the photo above how we anchored the handles to the sides of the caddy. We used some serious stitching in these areas to make sure your handles never snap off and can hold heavy weight. Which leads us into stitching...

Diaper Caddy Review: Stitching

A product is only as good as how it was made, right? That's one reason I love this caddy; you can see the quality in all the details. One of those details is tight, neat, durable stitching.

Oatmeal Felt Diaper Caddy Up Close

I've never seen the stitching on our caddies fray or unwind, and I've seen more caddies than you can fathom 😂 Consistently, I'm impressed by the simple quality of the stitching on our felt caddies. 

Oatmeal Diaper Caddy Handle Up Close

The string matches the color of the caddy, so you don't have to worry about ugly stitch lines on the sides. That's one thing I don't love about other caddies on the market - they usually use a different color of string and (in my humble opinion) it just looks ugly. I love this minimalist design much more.

Diaper Caddy Review: Removable Insert

A cool feature in this caddy is that it comes with a removable velcro insert. The insert divides the caddy into 3 compartments (1 larger and 2 smaller). I like keeping the insert inside my caddy because it separates different areas of organization. But if you were to take it out, you'd have a ton of room to store large quantities of one thing.

Felt Diaper Caddy with Removable Insert

The velcro works really well. Taking the insert out and putting it back in is very easy, so you can change your caddy in a matter of seconds.

Felt Diaper Caddy Insert

I also love how the velcro aligns with the insert's velcro on each side. Maybe it's just the OCD in me, but if it didn't align perfectly I'd go a little bit crazy LOL. In the picture above you can see the insert when it's removed.

Felt Diaper Caddy Insert

And here you can see how the insert collapses - easy as pie! (or easier than pie, pie's actually pretty difficult haha).

8 Exterior Pockets

While the inner compartments are better for larger items, the 8 outside pockets are perfect for holding all the little things. I use my caddy as a car caddy, so I love storing chapstick, bandaids, and hair ties in these smaller outer pockets.

Felt Diaper Caddy Outer Pockets

If you were to use the caddy in your nursery, these pockets are perfect for diaper cream, pacifiers, small toys to distract your baby while you change their diaper, lotion, and hair accessories.

3 Different Colors

All these photos are of my personal favorite color (Oatmeal), but we actually sell 3 different colors! The White is our latest, and it's already climbing the ranks to becoming a new mom favorite.

Moms Holding Felt Diaper Caddy

Having 3 colors to choose from allows you to pick a caddy that matches your aesthetic and home style, which I love. We want our products to seamlessly blend into your cozy environment, and our caddy does that perfectly.

Diaper Caddy Review: Versatility

Like I said before, I use my caddy as a car caddy - I stuff it full of on-the-go snacks, a box of tissues, napkins, a towel, bandaids, hair ties, chapstick, gloves, and random gift cards I have like $2 left on.

But you can truly use our caddy for whatever you'd like! Obviously the most popular use is in the nursery - store your diapers, wipes, creams, and baby accessories on your changing table for a cute way to organize all the baby things.

You can also use it as a play caddy with toys and books for your little one. Or a laundry room cleaning caddy to store you detergent, dryer sheets, scent booster, etc.

My point is: the uses are endless. And as a mom, don't we need products that can multitask just as much as we do?

That's all I have to say about the Regular Felt Diaper Caddy - I love it, and I think you'll love it too. If you want to give it a shot, order your favorite color today! I promise you won't regret it:).

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