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Toddler Winter Olympics 2022

Toddler Winter Olympics 2022

Last Friday was the Winter 2022 Olympic Opening Ceremony! We planned a night of pizza and Toddler Olympics with friends ~ and it didn't go as expected... Which at this point, we should have expected this with kids involved. This won't be the picture perfect blog you would typically expect.

Freedom Bandana Bib Set
I planned games for the 3 toddlers which included the Freedom Bandana Bib Set (obviously!), hockey, Little People skiing, and stuffed animal bobsledding. When we picked up my 14 month old at daycare before the night's events we found out she skipped her afternoon nap (again! we are working up the courage for dropping to one nap, but that's another story). Frankie is always exhausted after daycare, so add in skipping a nap and it felt like a recipe for disaster. 

We didn't want to push the outfit change (into adorable patriotic colors) or photos, but the little tykes did hold the homemade hockey sticks for maybe a moment, and we all slid our Office themed Little People down our Nugget ski hill. The bobsleds flipped down the stairs, but no Cuddle and Kind dolls were harmed - rest assured! 

If you are brave and want to do something similar at your house during the Beijing games this year, this is what we had planned!

Toddler Hockey

My husband cut and taped up a large rug spool we had in the garage into 3 hockey sticks, and we used a small outdoor soccer goal and ball.

Little People Skiing

We hot-glued Dwight, Michael, and Jim to popsicle sticks and covered our Nugget with kraft paper for the ski hill ~ this worked great.

Stuffed Animal Bobsledding

I cut the flaps off diaper boxes and we put Frankie's favorite stuffed animals inside. They... tumbled down the stairs. The Nugget would have been a better choice here! Or covering your stairs with cardboard for a smooth path.  

It wasn't an Olympic success, but the three girls enjoyed playing together, we all ate a bunch of pizza, and us parents enjoyed a couple of drinks, so it was a great night. Are you watching the Olympic games this year? What is your favorite event? Let us know in the comments below!


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