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Breastfeeding on-the-go

Breastfeeding on-the-go

Breastfeeding on the go can be tricky – especially when you add two toddlers to the mix. After baby number three, I’ve become a bit more comfortable with busting a boob out in public, but I’d still like to leave some things to the imagination. 

Multi-use nursing and car seat cover for infants and newborns

My Go-To Nursing Cover:
Having a versatile breastfeeding cover is super handy, even more so when feeding in close quarters. My favorite thing about my Parker Baby multi-use cover is that I never forget it. I like to keep a fresh one on my little man’s car seat at all times. It also provides 360 degrees of coverage in case I happen to be sitting next to a neighbor on the park bench. This is also tremendously helpful when I’m on an airplane.

breastfeeding with multiple kids

Books, Beats, and Breastfeeding:
Another breastfeeding on-the-go trick I have recently established is something I’ve dubbed ‘Books, Beats, and Breastfeeding.’ This is when the kids and I take some extra time in the car in the parking lot of places like the Zoo, library, grocery store, etc. and the toddlers read books as we BLAST their favorite Disney beats and I breastfeed my newborn. The big bonus in this situation is that the toddlers stay buckled in their car seats through the process.

organic cotton burp cloths for babies, newborns and infants

Burp Rags, Burp Rags, and MORE Burp Rags:
It feels as though every piece of clothing I own is covered in breast milk during the first few months of breastfeeding. This is why it is always a must to have strategically placed burp rags. I have some stashed in my car’s diaper caddy, the exterior pockets of my diaper bag, my click-and-go stroller, and the pocket of my Ergo. I am a leaker and my baby is a spitter – enough said!

I certainly can’t claim to have things all figured out since parenting is a learn-as-you-go profession. Breastfeeding on-the-go comes with multiple bumps along the road, but in my experience things go a bit smoother when I feel prepared. So get out there breastfeeding mamas, and create some life-long memories with your littles! Now, if someone will tell me how to actually get out the door on time with three kids under four, I am all ears.   

Side note/bonus tip: I for one can never remember if I started my baby on the left side or the right side during our last breastfeeding session; if I choose wrong I am often left uneven and uncomfortable. A trick I learned from a dear friend is to keep a hair tie on your wrist of the side you have to start on next and trade it back and forth each time!

Parker Baby Co. Breastfeeding Favorites

Multi-use Cover for nursing, breastfeeding, car seat cover and more
The Multi-use Cover

burp cloths and rags for newborns, infants and babies
100% Organic Cotton Burp Cloths

diaper caddy for breast pump, nursery organization and more
Felt Diaper Caddy

Bandana Bibs for teething, drooling babies
Bandana Bibs

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