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2022 Calendar, Planner, and Journaling Tips for Moms

2022 Calendar, Planner, and Journaling Tips for Moms

'Tis the season for new year's resolutions - and if you're like me, for many of them to fall apart. After the holidays and all that celebration, it's tough to get the ball rolling again in the right direction. But as you plan for a better 2022, we hope we can help you keep your resolutions with a few planning tips.

Maybe you've made a fitness goal this year. Maybe you've vowed to spend more time outdoors. Maybe you've promised yourself you're going to quit eating potato chips after 9:30 for the rest of the year. Maybe you've just dedicated 2022 to better health, organization, and relationships.

The problem is, you probably won't reach any of these goals without a solid plan. And as the busy momma you are, you're going to need a realistic plan to turn your dreams into reality.

I'm not big into planners, but our co-founder Kirsten is the planner queen here at Parker Baby Co. We asked her a few questions about how she crushes her daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly goals with her handy planner. Here's what she said:

Have a "Master" List

I keep a "master" list in my planner so I can add to it whenever I think of random things I need to get done. Like "clean out the junk drawer" or "sign up the kids for gymnastics." When I write them down on a list I reference daily, I won't forget the little things that need to get done.

Master To-Do List

And make sure to always check the items off in your planner once you complete them! Seeing your progress boosts your motivation and is just as important as getting the task done. Add a couple tasks to your daily list of things to get done and check them off as you go.

Meal Plan and Keep a Running Grocery List

I always have a handful of easy recipes that the kids like and always have ingredients for. Meal prepping might be a little daunting, but I usually prep for meals in my planner at nap time. That way I can focus and knock it out, and I'm way better prepared for the week.

Grocery List on Fridge

Keeping a running grocery list helps me remember everything I need to grab at the grocery store. If I rely on memory, something important will definitely slip through the cracks. I usually keep my list in the kitchen or hang it on the fridge so it's right there when I realize we're out of something!

Don't Be Afraid To Say No

Be kind to yourself and say no to things if you are overwhelmed. The key to using a planner isn't planning out every second of your life, it's building a realistic schedule that helps you! Give you family time to play and relax. Enjoy free time. And if you are feeling overwhelmed with your schedule, you have the power to say no. Balance is the key!

Favorite Planner?

My favorite planner is the Home Planner!

This is perfect for me because I like to stay on top of my house work. Sam and I operate so much better in a clean home. I can focus waaay better when my chores are done. There are daily checklists and a place for meal planning which is perfect for our lifestyle.

Best Way to Use a Planner?

I use my planner for checklists. I need to be able to look at something and be told what I need to get done each day. I also love the satisfaction I feel when I check things off, and I need it to keep all the things straight. Between four kids' schedules, bakery orders, Sam's schedule appointments, and meetings, I can't keep it all in my head!

I use my planner mostly in the morning. I try to get all my cleaning and planning done in the morning. I work really hard from 6am until noon. Then the rest of the day I have to enjoy my family.

Parker Baby Co Family

Now, maybe having a planner just doesn't fit your lifestyle or personality. That's okay! Planners can be a great tool for some and a frustrating chore for others. If you resonate with the latter, here are a few other ideas to make the most of your new year's resolutions:

Hang a Calendar On Your Fridge

Calendars require a lot less effort to scratch in, and they're open all the time so they're hard to miss. Hang one on your fridge so you can glance at your goals, appointments, and schedule for the day while you make breakfast for your little ones.

Morgan Harper Nichol's Calendar Hanging on Fridge

One of my favorite calendars is Morgan Harper Nichol's calendar. I get one every year and I just love the beautiful designs and inspiring messages for each month. It's too pretty to miss while you're in the kitchen! Here's mine hanging on our fridge^^

If sitting down and planning out each week is a little overwhelming for you, using a calendar might be the way to go. Just sit down once a month to gather your thoughts, plan out your goals, and pencil in your appointments so you won't miss anything. Add boxes to put check marks in for added engagement with your calendar!

Journal Your Goals

I love to write my thoughts, and I find that writing my goals and resolutions down on paper is a really helpful way to drill them into my brain. Even journaling about your frustrations with a certain goal you've set for yourself can help you cool down and keep pushing forward.

In 2021, I decided to read the Bible in one year, which meant I'd have to read several chapters a day and spend about 20 minutes each night reading the Bible. I fell behind several times during the year, but I found that when it got tough, journaling how I felt about it fueled me to keep going.

Journal and Bible

Writing about your goals can remind you why you resolved to set it in the first place, and why you should keep going! So if you're feeling discouraged about a goal you're falling behind in, journal about it for a few minutes, get all the frustration out, and keep pushing forward.

I personally prefer journaling in the notes app on my phone or on a plain old google doc, but if you prefer pen and paper, I highly suggest these notebooks. They are simple, stylish, and have the nicest paper.

And if you're like me, journaling by hand isn't even worth it if I don't have a good pen. My favorites are these Papermate Felt Tip Pens because they last a while, come in fun, aesthetic colors, and glide over the page perfectly.

Felt Tip Pens and Journal

Organize With a Journal Caddy

One thing that inspires me to journal or use my planner more is an organized, cute station. I love using Parker Baby's Oatmeal Caddy to keep all my pens, notebooks, stickers, and other journaling supplies in one place, but you could use any caddy!

Since I have so many supplies, I like using the regular felt caddy. If you don't have many supplies you might like a Rope Caddy, which is a little more compact. Either way you prefer, it's an easy, cute way to stay organized and motivated in 2022.

Here's an example of how I keep my journaling supplies organized!

Journaling Caddy

Hopefully these tips can help you crush your 2022 goals and resolutions! As they say, "give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first hour sharpening the axe." Here's to sharpening your axe, crushing your goals, and making 2022 the best year yet!

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