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Camping Safety (with Kids)

Camping Safety (with Kids)

Summer is here and we are ready to go camping! Our little family has recently purchased and outfitted a camper van! Adventure time, here we come. 
Camping can be a really great to spend quality time with your family. But it's important to be safe and smart so you can really make some memories! 

Pack the right clothes/shoes. Weather can fluctuate when you camp and you always want to be prepared in case it rains (or snows like it did for us on Mother's Day). If you are hiking somewhere rocky, you want to make sure you have good shoes for hiking and shoes you can get wet! Most importantly you want to be comfortable because you will be on your feet a lot while camping with kids 😉. You also want to bring sunscreen or bug spray. Itchy bodies and sunburns are no fun when camping. 

Mom and baby on the beach.
Establish Boundaries. It's important that your little ones know the boundaries of the campsite! Whether you tell them not to go past the picnic tables or you even bring cones or string to mark out your spot, they need to know to stay within the boundaries of the campsite.

Food Prep and Storage. When you camp, you want to make recipes that are easy and filling! We love a foil dinner full of veggies and protein. It's easy to cook over the fire, and easy clean up! Be sure to store your food in an animal proof container and clean up your trash so animals can not get in to it. 

Dad and little boy outside.
Fire Safety. Before your camping trip, be sure to give your kiddos an age-appropriate lesson on fire safety! They should try to stay away from an open flame, hot grill, and not play with matches/lighter unless otherwise supervised. 

Animal Safety. If you are camping with your dogs like we do, it's best to keep them on a leash at all times! We love these dog tie-outs.  You do not want them escaping into the woods or open areas. It's also important not to disturb wild animals in their natural habitat. They are trying to enjoy their outdoor environment just like you! 

Camper Van with Dogs.
I hope these tips helped you feel a little more ready for camping with your family! No camping trip will come without a few learning experiences, but it's best to be prepared and safe so you can enjoy your time to the fullest!  

Happy Camping! 




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