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Cutest Baby Boy Costumes for Halloween

Cutest Baby Boy Costumes for Halloween

Halloween is just around the corner and it's time to start planning cute baby boy costumes before you run out of time!

Baby boy Halloween costumes don't have to be complicated, expensive, or elaborate. We've come up with a few ideas that are affordable, easy to find or make yourselves, and perfect for your little stud. Check them out here!

Cowboy Baby Boy Costume

Baby Boy Wearing Baby Boy Bibs

This cowboy costume is completed with the red bib in our Estes Bandana Bib Set! All you need is a cowboy hat, jeans, a white t-shirt, and one of our bandana bibs to make this simple and adorable baby boy Halloween costume:)

Chicken Baby Boy Costume

Baby Boy Wearing Chicken Baby Boy Costume

You simply can't pass up an adorable baby boy costume like this one! Pair the red bib in our Estes Bandana Bib Set with a chicken baby boy costume and tights, and you'll win cutest costume of the year award.

Lion Baby Boy Costume

Baby Boy Wearing Lion Baby Boy Costume

This lion baby boy costume is simple and adorable! All you need are some khaki joggers, a tan shirt, a lion ears headband + tail, and one of our bandana bibs to complete the look. Your baby boy will festive, comfy, and dry all Halloween night!

Cup of Noodles Baby Boy Costumes

Cup of Noodles Baby Boy Costumes

This baby boy costume is adorable and clever! All you need is a Cup of Noodles onesie like this one and a baby beanie you can hot-glue white yarn to. Your baby will be comfortable and perfectly festive for Halloween wearing this baby boy Halloween costume!

The Princess Bride Baby Boy Costumes

The Princess Bride baby halloween costumes boy

The Princess Bride is a great theme if you're looking for an adorable and simple family costume! Dress up your little stud as one of the Rodents of Unusual Size in the movie - perfect if your Octobers get chilly in your state and you need a warmer costume for your baby.

Farm Animal Baby Boy Costumes

Animal baby halloween costumes boy

You can't go wrong with a farm animal costume for your baby boy! The options on Amazon are affordable and adorable, and you can choose between cows, pigs, chickens - you name it. Perfect for a simple costume to throw on Halloween night!

Mouse Baby Boy Costume

Mouse baby halloween costumes boy

This baby boy Halloween costume is adorable and so clever! If you're looking for a simple baby boy costume, throwing on a mouse outfit is simple and adorable. But if you want to go the extra mile? Build a mouse trap cover for your wagon so your baby can ride in style through the neighborhood in search of candy on Halloween night;).

Pumpkin Baby Boy Costumes

Pumpkin baby halloween costumes boy

It doesn't get more classic than a pumpkin baby boy costume! These are super easy to find online or at your local Halloween store, but they are also super easy to DIY! They can even be as simple as a few pieces of black felt and an orange sleeper. This baby boy Halloween costume will absolutely melt your heart!

Wizard of Oz Baby Boy Halloween Costumes

Wizard of Oz baby halloween costumes boy

The Wizard of Oz is the perfect family costume theme because there are so many characters to choose from! Dress your baby boy up as the scarecrow, tin man, or the cowardly lion for an adorable baby boy Halloween costume. Then you and your husband can take any of the other characters!

Monkey Baby Boy Costume

Monkey baby halloween costumes boy

This one is simple, easy to find, and comfortable for your baby boy. Plus, if you find one similar to the one in the picture, you can make sure your baby boy is bundled up and warm if Halloween weather is cold where you live. You and your husband can also dress up as the man in the yellow hat if you're looking for a cute family costume as well!

Harry Potter Baby Boy Halloween Costume

Harry Potter baby halloween costumes boy

Who doesn't love Harry Potter? Finding costumes for you and your husband are pretty easy (all you need are a few ties, wands, button-down shirts, and dark sweaters). And Hedwig baby boy costumes are easy to find! This is the perfect family Halloween costume idea for your fam.

Condiment Baby Boy Halloween Costumes

Condiment baby halloween costumes boy

These are as simple and cute as they get! Condiment themed onesies are easy to find, and you can pair them with your favorite matching bandana bib for an extra touch of color. Super cute and easy if you're looking for something that won't take you much time to coordinate!

Winnie the Pooh Baby Boy Costumes

Winnie the Pooh baby halloween costumes boy

Winnie the Pooh is a classic, and dressing your family up as the characters is wholesome and adorable! Dress your little squish as Winnie the Pooh, and have you and your husband dress as any of the other characters. All you'll really need for that Pooh costume is a cute beanie, yellow sleeper, and red t-shirt on top!

Fisherman & Fish Baby Boy Costumes

Fisherman and Fish baby halloween costumes boy

If your baby boy is really little, this costume is simple and adorable! Have your husband throw on his fishing gear and dress your baby boy in a sweet knitted fish costume like this one. Your baby will be warm, cozy, and festive for Halloween!

Nacho Libre Baby Boy Costume

Nacho Libre baby halloween costumes boy

Nacho Libre has to be my favorite movie of all time, so naturally this is my favorite baby boy costume. It's perfect if you live in a warmer state, and it's a great chance to share your mutual love for Ignacio with your little boy;). 

Those are all the baby boy costumes we have for today, but there are tons out there to choose from. Get creative and come up with something that's comfy for your baby boy and adorable for Halloween this year:) Happy Halloween!!

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