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23 Easy Baby Halloween Costumes

23 Easy Baby Halloween Costumes

Halloween is on our heels, and if you haven't figured out a cute costume for your baby yet - don't be spooked.

Halloween costumes for babies are always tough - you want to make sure they are warm, comfortable, not too hot, and happy all night. Diaper changes are tough in anything other than a onesie, so complicated costumes are a nightmare.

If you're looking for a costume that's easy, comfortable, safe, and stress-free - you've come to the right place.

Here are 23 easy Halloween costume ideas for babies!

1. Winnie the Pooh

Winnie the Pooh Kids Costume Idea

Winnie the Pooh is classic and adorable, and there are so many characters to choose from! Pooh is especially easy - just dress your baby in a yellow sleeper and a red shirt. If you're looking for a last minute baby Halloween costume idea, this should be your go to! And don't forget your Parker Baby Co. bibs to go with - we got colors for every character;).

2. Dalmatian

Dalmation Baby Costume

Dressing your baby as a dalmatian this Halloween is so easy! All you need is a spotted sleeper, a few felt ears (which are easy to DIY!), and a red bandana bib. Your baby will feel comfortable and look festive in this baby costume!

3. Lion

Baby Boy Wearing Lion Baby Boy Costume

This lion costume is one of our favorites! All you need are some khaki joggers, a tan shirt, a lion ears headband + tail, and one of our bandana bibs to complete the look. Your baby boy will festive, comfy, and warm all Halloween night!

4. Ewok

Ewok Baby Halloween Costume

This costume is perfect if your area is a little chillier on October 31st! Bundle your baby up in neutral colors like a brown sweater, gray pants, etc. Add a bib to keep them dry and cozy! An adorable winter hat completes the look - and they look just like Ewok ears. For our Star Wars families out there, this option is easy and adorable!

5. Cup Of Noodles

Cup of Noodles Baby Boy Costumes

This baby costume is bound to get a few laughs on Halloween. All you need is a Cup of Noodles onesie like this one and a baby beanie you can hot-glue white yarn to. It's the perfect blend of comfort and cleverness for your first Halloween with baby!

6. Farm Animals

Animal baby halloween costumes boy

You can't go wrong with a farm animal costume for your little one. The options on Amazon are affordable and adorable, and you can choose between cows, pigs, chickens - you name it. Perfect for a simple costume to throw on Halloween night, no hassle and no fuss!

7. Ballerina

Baby Girl Wearing Pink Baby Girl Bow

Looking for a stress-free option for your little princess? This pink bow from our Essentials Headband Set completes this ballerina baby girl Halloween costume!! All you need is a cute pink tutu to match. Order the full bow set here.

8. Pumpkin

Pumpkin baby halloween costumes boy

Okay, this one is simply adorable and so perfectly festive! A pumpkin outfit is super easy to find online or at your local Halloween store, but they are also super easy to make yourself. Just glue a few pieces of black felt to an orange sleeper. Comfortable and cute for Halloween this year - mom win!

9. Condiments

Condiment baby halloween costumes boy

This is one of my personal top picks right here! Condiment themed onesies are easy to find, and you can pair them with your favorite matching bandana bib for an extra touch of color. Super cute and easy if you're looking for something that won't take you much time to coordinate.

10. Dinosaur

Dinosaur baby girl costumes

This option is adorable, easy, and neutral - it truly checks off all our boxes over here. If you want to DIY, find a purple hoodie + sweatpants set and hot-glue triangle pieces of felt along the back. There are also a ton of options online if you don't want the hassle of making it yourself.

11. Nacho Libre

Nacho Libre baby halloween costumes boy

Nacho Libre has to be my favorite movie of all time, so naturally this is my favorite baby costume. It's a little more involved, but the final look is worth it. It's perfect if you live in a warmer state!

12. Tinkerbell

Headbands for baby girl halloween costumes

This golden headband is also from our Essentials Headband Set, and it adds the final touches to this adorable Tinkerbell baby girl costume. Pair it with a cute Tinkerbell dress like this one and you're good to go. Halloween has never been simpler!

13. Scarecrow

Scarecrow baby girl costumes

This one is one of my all time favorites! It's simple to do at home if you want, but the options online are absolutely darling. You can shop this exact costume here, but if you're looking for a more affordable option you can easily buy a festive onesie, twine, burlap, felt, and a cap to take your own spin on this autumn classic.

14. Ice Cream Sundae

Ice Cream Sundae Baby Girl Halloween Costumes

This one is classic and adorable! All you need is a white onesie, a little bit of felt, and a hot-glue gun to turn your baby girl into a sweet sundae. Add ice cream cone pants for an extra touch!

15. Elderly

Old People Halloween Baby Costume

This costume is so easy to DIY, and it's hilarious to dress the youngest member of your family as the oldest. Most of the costume can come from the regular clothes you already have, and the "wig" is easy to make yourself! Just glue pom poms onto a baby beanie and add glasses with beads.

16. Play-Doh

Playdoh baby girl halloween costumes

Talk about clever and cute! All you need for these costumes are a few colored frisbees, plain headbands, oversized yellow t-shirts (or shirts like these), and Play-Doh patches. It's simple, easy, and perfect for the whole family. Plus, it's a versatile costume your babies, toddlers, and even older kids can rock.

17. Chicken

Baby Boy Wearing Chicken Baby Boy Costume

You simply can't pass up an adorable baby costume like this one. Pair the red bib in our Estes Bandana Bib Set with a chicken baby costume and tights, and you'll win cutest costume of the year award.

18. Sushi

Sushi Baby Halloween Costume

Simple and cute, this shrimp baby costume is easy to pull together with just a white onesie, a white baby headband, a shrimp stuffed animal with some black felt. 

19. Hot Dog

Hotdog Baby Halloween Costume

If condiments aren't your style, maybe a hot dog is 😂 This costume is so simple and sweet! Just grab a tan sleeper or onesie and glue felt on top. It's safe and comfortable for baby, and it's hilarious.

20. Salt & Pepper

Salt and Pepper Baby Halloween Costumes

This costume is so easy and cute, especially with siblings! Pair black and white sleepers with a felt "S" or "P" and you're ready to go. This is an awesome option if you have minimal supplies lying around the house and need an option asap! (Don't forget your Parker Baby black and white bibs to keep them comfy!)

21. Bat

Bat Halloween Costume for Babies

This bat costume is so cute and perfectly spooky! Put one together yourself with some felt and hot glue, or grab an already made baby costume from amazon - either way, this idea is a great safe choice this Halloween!

22. 3 Blind Mice

3 Blind Mice Halloween Baby Costume

Trick or treating with friends this year? If you have three babies on board, doing a 3 blind mice group outfit does not get any cuter. Besides gray onesies, all you need are baby sunglasses, mouse ears, mouse tails, and canes (which are easy DIYs).

23. Jazzercise Baby

Jazzercise Baby Halloween Costume

Take the retro route and dress your baby in a jazzercise outfit this year! It's easy to mix and match clothes you already have to complete the look, and layering will keep your baby warm if you'll be outside on the 31st. Super cute option!

Those are all the Halloween costume ideas we have today - but we hope they gave you some practical ideas to make this Halloween special with your little one.

Before you go, check out our best products for Halloween with baby! October 31st wouldn't be complete without them...

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^^ We featured our bibs a lot in the costumes above, but that's just because they are that perfect for Halloween! They'll keep your baby dry, warm, and comfortable as you trick or treat. Grab our orange from this set!

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