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How to Get the Most Out of Black Friday

How to Get the Most Out of Black Friday

Black Friday is just around the corner - so how can you take advantage of all those deals?

Between crowds, items going out of stock, and early doorbusters spread throughout the month - it's a lot to keep track of and manage. You just want to save money on Christmas gifts and must-haves, so how to do make the most out of Black Friday this year?

Well mama - you're in luck! We put together a complete guide on how to make the most out of Black Friday, because these days, in order to snag a good deal, you need to stay ahead of the game. 

Let's dive in:

1. Shop Online as Much as You Can

Not only is it far more relaxing to shop from your couch rather than fight the crowds, but online stores typically have more in stock than in-person alternatives. You'll have more options for the same sales, and you won't even have to leave your house. So prioritize shopping online this Black Friday!

2. Get On That Mailing List

Businesses will often give their mailing list first dibs on special deals, or better deals in general. If you want to save extra money, make sure to sign up to your favorite business's mailing lists if you haven't already (you can always unsubscribe post-Black Friday). Hint: click the "Get 10% Off" button to your left to sign up to our mailing list for exclusive Black Friday deals!

3. Sign Up for Text Messages

Similar to mailing lists, companies will send exclusive discount codes to their text subscribers, and the only way to access them is to sign up! Again, you can shut them off if they bother you once the holidays are over, but it's worth signing up if it means you can save.

4. Mark Your Calendar

With doorbusters going live weeks before Black Friday even hits, keeping track of all the individual sales is a nightmare. Our hack? Literally write it into your calendar. If you know what you're going to buy and when, set a reminder alarm on your phone for that day. And if you don't know when your favorite company's sales are going live, check their social accounts - usually they have information there!

5. Determine Your Black Friday Budget - & Stick to It

With wild sales at every turn, it's easy to over-spend on Black Friday. Don't slip into the trap! Make a plan ahead of time and discuss how much you're willing to spend, what items you want to prioritize buying first, and what items you want to avoid. If you have a plan, you're much less likely to stray and spend way too much!

6. Know What to Buy & What to Avoid

If you don't already know, some businesses don't have their biggest sale of the year on Black Friday. Gym equipment, for instance, goes on a bigger sale early January. Big appliances have bigger sales December 1st. And those cheap TV's you see at the front of Best Buy? Not worth your time or money. Know what to buy and what to avoid, because some products are better off waiting for. Check out this helpful article here!

7. Bookmark Shopping Websites

Bookmarks are there for a reason, so take advantage of them as you plan for Black Friday! Keep a couple tabs open on your phone, ready for when sales go live and you want to buy. You'll stay more organized and be quicker with your purchase when you plan ahead.

8. Research Return Policies and Shipping Prices

Do your research! Especially with clothing sites, make sure their return policy is reasonable - you don't want to get stuck with something that doesn't fit. Same with shipping prices - a lot of companies will offer free shipping on Black Friday, but some don't. Don't be deceived by their flashy sales when they'll make up all that lost profit with crazy shipping prices as you checkout.

9. Use a Rewards Credit Card

Helpful year round but especially during the holidays, a rewards credit card will be your best friend this Black Friday. You'll be able to make some money back from what you spent, and that's always a win in my book!

10. Buy Discounted Gift Cards

Discounted gift cards are surprisingly easy to take advantage of, especially from larger companies like Walmart or Target! Use legitimate sites like Raise to find them and get a better discount this Black Friday. Just pay attention to whether the gift cards are physical or online codes.

11. Download a Price Comparison Tool

Another helpful tool while you're shopping this Black Friday is a price comparison download! This one is a verified extension that plugs directly into your browser, but there are also apps and other websites that do the same thing. They make sure you get the best deal on what you want to buy (and we love that!)

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Wishing you a relaxing, productive, and wonderful Thanksgiving & Black Friday weekend 🫶

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