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Mama Feature: Jessica M

Mama Feature: Jessica M

We are so excited to introduce Jessica! Another cute mama and Brand Ambassador for Parker Baby Co. She is a stay at home mom who has a side gig selling homemade Elderberry Syrup called Three Birds Wellness Co. 


  • Favorite mommy/maternity product:
    Body pillow when pregnant was a game changer! I also need a diaper backpack to carry everything & Mary Ruth's organics prenatals/postnatals ~ they make me feel so good! Also, Parker Baby's diaper backpack really is a lifesaver with how much room and space it provides! 

  • Favorite baby product:
    A bouncy seat and baby swing for the first few months and an Ergo baby carrier!
  • Favorite way to have a little “me-time”:
    With 3 children, “me time” is definitely not always easy, but I make it a point to wake up before all my kids to get some quiet time to myself. It helps start my day on a positive note with a clear, relaxed mind. 
  • Family of five.
  •  A couple more questions...

    We love seeing your family on beach adventures, what are your best tips for having little ones at the beach?
    PATIENCE! Lol! & expect the sand, the mess, and that your children are going to want to run and play. It’s not always easy but make the effort to play in the sand & water with your kids ~ it makes the best memories! Some useful gear: wagon/cart, beach chairs, pop up tent for shade, a blow up baby pool, sand toys, snacks (tons of snacks), and drinks! 

    How was the transition from 2 to 3 beautiful kiddos for you?
    The transition to 2-3 was really not too hard for us. My husband is a teacher so he is home in the evenings, which is so very helpful. If he helps with our older two, I’m with the baby and if he helps me with the baby, I'll help with the older two. It’s really all about balance. With two, things were already busy & sometimes chaotic, so 3 just adds to the fun ;) I would say the transition from one to two was harder to adjust to. 

    3 kids at a Pumpkin Patch.

    What is the first thing you do when you put the kids down for sleep?
    I usually read! It’s my favorite hobby, so when the kids fall asleep, it’s my time to get lost in a story or to learn something new. 


    Give yourself grace and know it's okay to make mistakes. We live in a world where social media perceives perfection. No one is perfect and no house is perfect & no parenting style is perfect. Doing your best and showing your children it's okay to make those mistakes and learn from them is what matters.

    Appreciate the moments ~ and as cliche as that sounds, it’s so true because time literally is a thief. Trust your instincts as a parent because you know your child better than anyone. Laugh! Let your children bring out your inner child and let them show you the magic of the little things in life. And if sometimes you need to cry, do that too and know it’s okay!

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