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Potty Training Travel Tips

Potty Training Travel Tips

Angela Bellatoni is one of our amazing Brand Ambassadors, and she agreed to share her genius tips on potty training with us! Read on for a practical approach that will simplify the whole process for your family too🥰

Our Potty Training Lifesaver

As a mom of two toddlers, one of my biggest worries was potty training. How would I ever be able to leave the house with two kids and train one of them to use the bathroom?? Enter: the Parker Baby Co Diaper Caddy

Diaper Caddy

I like to keep all of the essentials in our Diaper Caddy to keep in the car. The multiple cubbies allow me to put the different things needed for each kid.

My daughter is now potty trained, so we keep pull ups, extra underwear, and a change of clothes in case of an emergency. Our son is only 18 months and not ready to potty train, so in the second cubby I keep diapers, wipes, a change of clothes, butt paste, and disposable bags to keep stinky diapers. For the third cubby, we keep a bag of medicines, water cups, snack cups, and a changing pad

In addition to the diaper caddy we keep a portable potty in the car. That way we are always ready!

Being a mom is stressful enough, but being a mom on the go adds an extra level of stress. These small changes we added to our vehicles allow us to be on the go, without worrying about when the babies have to go.

Potty training advice is gold - thank you for sharing Angela!

Before you go, make sure to check out our potty training essentials below - you won't want to tackle potty training without them!

Diaper Caddy for Potty Training Parents

^^ Like Angela said, our Diaper Caddy is a lifesaver as you transition for diaper changes to potty runs! Grab your favorite color here.

Moms Wearing Diaper Backpacks

^^ As you transition to potty training on the go, you'll want to be prepared for anything that comes your way. Pack extra clothes, pullups, and wipes in our Birch Bag Diaper Backpack, perfect for parenting on the go! Order here.

Mom Holding Wet Dry Bag

^^ When you potty training on the go, accidents are bound to happen! Prepare by packing a Wet Dry Bag in your diaper bag, designed to keep all the soiled clothes, trash, and dirty diapers separate. Order here!

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