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Pumping Bag Essentials

Pumping Bag Essentials

Guest Post written by Brand Ambassador: Olivia Fleckinger 

Let’s talk about pumping bag essentials! As a second time mom who has exclusively pumped with both my boys, I can safely tell you my essentials are worth every penny. Below is a list of my pumping bag essentials!

Genie Advanced Portable Breast Pump

For me I knew I needed something small and compact that would work as well as my spectra. This pump checks all of those requirements. It’s important to test run your pumping bag a few times before returning to work!

Spectra Pump Cara Cups

I always bring both with me as I’ve had to work while pumping. Both are nice to have but Cara style pumps aren’t a guarantee to fully empty your breast correctly. So be sure to have your regular pump parts with you just in case.

Ceres Chill Breast Milk Chiller

I absolutely love this! It keeps your breast milk cold for up to 20 hours. Perfect if you don’t have access to a fridge or if you’re on the go. Use code EATPLAYLIV15 for 15% off here

Spare pump parts

I’ve had my share of duckbill valves randomly go bad. I always carry extra just in case.

Cleaning products

Branch Basics travel foam and travel bottle cleaner are life savers. Also remember to grab a bag to hold clean pump parts!


Always bring your charger with you, even if you’ve charged it the night before.


I use a poncho style cover just in case I need to pump in front of others. Check out our favorite Parker Baby Co. Multi-use Covers 

These are my essentials and they make my life so much easier while I'm on the go. Definitely do a few trial runs to see what works for you, but this list is a great place to start. I also recommend checking out an Instagram page called @onewiththepumpTamari is full of great resources and can help you with any pumping questions. Happy Pumping!

Pumping Bag
If you are feeling overwhelmed about returning to work after baby is born, you are not alone! Check out 5 Tips for the New Mom returning to Work ❤️

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