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Surviving Solids: Baby Led Weaning Tips & Recipes

Surviving Solids: Baby Led Weaning Tips & Recipes

Julie Vera is a Parker Baby Co. mom and has some awesome tips for baby-led weaning! Read her advice below...

When we had our daughter, Phoebe, I knew I wanted to do baby led weaning and try all the foods with her - I just wasn’t fully prepared for how intimidating it would be! Here’s some tips and tricks to survive the first few months of starting solids. I’ll even share some of my favorite meal ideas!

Baby Wearing Parker Baby Co. Bib

Tip 1: Stay Calm and Confident

It’s overwhelming but remember that babies pick up on all of our emotions and can sense if you’re scared. Consider taking an infant CPR class or purchasing a LifeVac for extra peace of mind

Tip 2: Start Simple

Starting with something simple like a spoonful of mashed sweet potato or avocado is a great way to get a baby used to the texture and taste of real food. Your little one may not take to solids at first, but keep trying.

Tip 3: Play with Texture

Baby’s love exploring new tastes and textures! Textured spoons can make the journey even more fun and littles love holding more than one spoon! I love this set from NumNum.

Tip 4: Embrace the Mess

While it may be challenging, try to embrace the mess that comes with baby-led weaning. Messy hands and faces are signs of exploration and learning. Keep a damp cloth handy for quick clean-ups, a bucket of water for easy hand washing, and remember that a little mess now leads to confidence! Or even better - eat close to bath time!

Tip 5: Promote Family Mealtime

Make mealtime family time by eating together with your little one. Not only does this promote bonding, but it also exposes your little one to a variety of foods and eating habits. Plus, they'll be more inclined to try new foods when they see you enjoying them too.

Baby Girl Wearing Parker Baby Co. Bibs

Now, as promised, some meal ideas:

  • Peanut Butter and Greek Yogurt "Paint": Let your baby explore textures and flavors by mixing PB and Greek yogurt on their tray for a sensory "painting" experience. If they have an allergy - you can always substitute with dairy free yogurt or another nut/sun butter!
  • Mashed Sweet Potato with Cinnamon: Mashed sweet potato with a dash of cinnamon is both nutritious, delicious, and exposes baby to a bit of spice!
  • Mascarpone Cheese and Berries: Creamy mascarpone cheese and fresh berries is a delicious breakfast treat!

P.S. Solid Starts App is a fantastic resource filled with recipes and a food guide to support you on your baby-led weaning journey.

As you start solids with your little one, remember to enjoy the messy moments and savor the joy of watching your baby explore the wonderful world of food. Bon Appetit!

Baby Girl Wearing Parker Baby Co. Drool Bandana Bibs

Thank you, Julie, for sharing all these amazing tips!

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