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Surviving the Daylight Saving Time Change with a Baby

Surviving the Daylight Saving Time Change with a Baby

If you didn't already know, daylight savings is November 5th this year - and for a lot of parents, it's a stressful day you're not exactly ready for.

While the rest of the world is enjoying an extra hour of sleep and a longer day, you're dealing with fussy kids who don't care about the clock.

How do you adjust smoothly? How do you prepare your baby for a smooth transition to darker mornings and earlier sunsets?

We put together a few tips to help your family this November - because the struggle is real. Here are 9 tips on surviving the daylight savings time change with your baby:

1. Prioritize a Consistent Bedtime Routine

With the fall time change pushing your baby's bedtime later than what they're used to, it might be tempting to ditch your bedtime routine during the transition. But nixing your routine could damage your baby's sleep schedule more than anything!

Instead, stick with your typical bedtime routine as best you can. Snuggle with your favorite blanket, read books, sing songs. Start earlier so you can check off the important items on the list your baby needs to wind down. Keeping up with a routine signals to your baby it's time for rest - even if it's at a different time than they're used to.

2. ...But, Be Flexible

On the other hand, it's important to be flexible as your family adjusts during the DLS time change. While it's important to keep your bedtime routine in tact, it's okay to adjust as needed.

For instance, this fall your baby might be more tired than normal during bedtime because it simply feels later. Feel free to shorten or speed up your routine to get them in bed faster.

3. Prepare a Few Days in Advance

The best way to adjust your baby to the time change is to prepare a few days in advance. It's recommended to adjust your baby's bedtime 15 minutes each day leading up to November 5th.

For example, 4 days before the 5th, you might push your baby's bedtime 15 minutes back. The next day, you can push it 30 minutes back. Then 45 minutes the next day. By the time daylight savings rolls around, you'll be able to smoothly transition.

Mom Holding Baby with Baby Quilt

4. Embrace the Grumpiness

If your baby is grumpy during the transition, don't panic! It's all part of the process. Some babies transition easily, others need a few days of adjustment - and that adjustment usually includes some grumpy days.

Just know it's temporary, the fussiness will end, and the grumpiness is normal. If your baby is taking longer to transition than normal, feel free to reach out to your healthcare provider to figure out a game plan. Your baby will get back to a normal sleep schedule, but it's okay to struggle for a few days. Each baby is different.

5. Keep Your Nursery Dark

Get blackout curtains for your baby's nursery to keep it dark while your baby sleeps. Not only does this help your baby get better sleep, but it signifies it's time to rest, even if it's at a different time than they are used to. 

This doesn't just help with bedtime, but it's so important during naptime too! Naps are much less stressful when your baby sees the dark and realizes it's time to rest, instead of trying to fall asleep in a brightly lit room.

6. Expose Your Baby to Natural Light

On the other side of the same coin, expose your baby to as much natural light as you can. When you wake up in the morning, go for a short walk and get outside. Or simply open the windows to let in the light and train your baby to see it's time to be awake.

Allowing natural light into your home as soon as your baby wakes up helps them to get out of that just-woke-up funk faster.

Babies Sitting in Bed with Quilt

7. Don't Give Up on Nap Times

It might be tempting to ditch naps as you transition this November, but don't give in! Even if your baby resists their nap and doesn't go down as easily as they normally do, stay consistent. They will eventually adjust.

Babies function best under routine, so keeping up with them is important, especially with time changes. Resist the urge to nix the nap and stay strong.

8. Use an Ready-to-Rise Clock with Your Toddler

Adjusting during daylight savings isn't just tough on babies - it's tough on toddlers too! All the tips above can help your toddler adjust, but you might also want to grab a Ready-to-Rise Clock for your toddler to prepare for this November.

It simply lights up green in the morning to let your toddler know when it's okay to wake up. And with the time shifting back this November, your toddler might want to wake up early. Investing in one of these might be a game changer!

9. Slow & Steady Wins the Race

Give yourself grace, mama. Adjusting your entire family to an hour earlier isn't easy, and it'll take a few days. Remember slow and steady wins the race.

It's okay if your family doesn't adjust in a single day! It might take some time, so be patient with the process. You'll get back onto a normal schedule in no time, so if things feel like chaos in the moment, remember it's all temporary.

Wishing you a smooth transition and plenty of rest this fall time change! You got this mama💪

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