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The Kids Who Inspired Parker Baby Co.'s Products

The Kids Who Inspired Parker Baby Co.'s Products

From the founders: Sam & Kirsten Huebner

Hi PBC family! Kirsten and Sam Huebner here 👋 We want to share a little bit about our journey to where we are today (including how each of our classic products were inspired!)

We founded Parker Baby Co. 6 years ago because we felt frustrated with the quality of baby products we used and knew we could make them better. Our twins, Ava and Eleanor (who are both now 8) were a handful and the stuff we found at big box stores or even online wasn't cutting.

So that's when we came up with Parker Baby Co.

We created our first products to solve our biggest parenting problems, and we hope they'll help you solve yours too. We truly believe they make life with littles easier!

Watch our latest video discussing how we designed each of our classic products and how our kids inspired them here:

Like we said, our real-life parenting struggles inspired our products - but it does deeper than that! Each of our kids inspired a specific Parker Baby Co. product we now cherish. Here's the rundown:

Ava - Essentials Headband Set

Ava (our oldest by one minute) inspired our Essentials Headband Set! Ava was the baldest baby you've ever seen. The only hair she had were whisps, and even though we dressed her in pink all the time, so many people would walk up to us and say "oh he's so adorable!" I (Kirsten) was tired of correcting everyone 😂

I wanted to fab up Ava's bald head with something, but the typical baby headbands we'd used before left an imprint on her baby head (and my mother was not a fan of that). We didn't want her sweet head to get those imprints, so we designed headbands of our very own: enter the Essentials Set.

Made with stretchy nylon, our headbands won't leave those uncomfy imprints - and they still add that girly touch to your baby girl's outfits! Exactly what we need for my sweet bald baby.

Eleanor - Drool Bandana Bibs

Eleanor, our other twin, had the worst acid reflux as a baby. We tried every bib under the sun - they all soaked through within the hour, ruined all her cute outfits, and didn't last long.

That's when we decided to make something better: our Drool Bandana Bibs. Thick and absorbent, our bibs won't get soaked through in minutes like all the others. They are warm, dry, and comfortable for your baby, all while leaving less of a mess for you!

The funny part is - Eleanor finds babies quite disturbing because "their spit up is gross." If you only knew, sweetheart. If you only knew.

Greta - Felt Diaper Caddy

Greta was our third, and at this point we had 3 kiddos under 2 (which was a LOT). Needless to say, we changed a lot of diapers 🫠

We discovered through all those diaper changes how difficult keeping a set changing station could be, and found we really just changed our kids anywhere in the house we could. If only we had a way to carry our diaper supplies with us...

That's where the Felt Diaper Caddy came in. We designed our caddies to hold all the diapers, wipes, cream, and baby accessories you need in a handy caddy you can carry throughout your house as need. It saved us so much stress!

Now that our kids our out of diapers, we still love our caddy. We use it for hair accessories, craft supplies, and snacks in the car - the uses are endless. Definitely one of our favorite Parker Baby Co. products!

Gus - 100% Muslin Cotton Quilt

By the time Gus came around, Parker Baby Co. was growing quite the following! But our customers always asked us for boy products - and we knew we needed to expand our product selection. So when we found out we had a boy on the way, we were SO excited to make a boy-specific product for him.

Gus's nursery was forest-themed, and we loved making it stunning. As the final piece to his adorable nursery, I knew he needed a snuggle blanket. Enter the Lodgepole Quilt.

Soft and snuggly, we make all our quilts with 4 layers of 100% muslin cotton. They get softer with each wash and last years. Our kids still treasure each of there's today!

Why Family is Important

We started as a family business, and we intend to keep it that way. Each of our products were inspired by real kids and our real struggles, and they truly made life with littles so much simpler. We hope it does the same for you!

XOXOXO - Kirsten & Sam Huebner (founders of Parker Baby Co.)

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