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What's in my Birch Bag Mini!

What's in my Birch Bag Mini!

As the mama of a toddler and another little one on the way, I am all about what to pack in a diaper backpack. The Birch Bag Mini is the perfect, compact version of our Birch Bag that helps me stay organized and able to be a more hands on mom when we're out and about. I'm going to walk you through my Mini and show you how I utilize the 10+ pockets! 

I love the full main zipper compartment. It allows me to have easy access to all the things! We are currently potty training so I like to keep extra clothes in the interior pocket. I also store a few books in there since there is so much room!

The main pocket holds all of our adventure essentials: water bottle for a very pregnant mama, hat, pull-ups, wipes, some comfort items for my little guy, and still plenty of room to spare! 

mini diaper backpack

I love this little zipper pocket inside the top of the main pocket. I keep chapstick and other little necessities that I don't want getting lost at the bottom of my diaper backpack. There are over 6 interior pockets to keep me organized! 

mommy pocket

On the outside of the Birch Bag Mini there are 2 insulated pockets. I store a 12 oz water bottle for my little guy, Charlie on one side and a couple of applesauce pouches on the other side! 

insulated bottle pocket on diaper backpack

I keep my notebook in the slim pocket on the front. I like to store mail in there when we are walking back from the mailbox, and It's also great to keep forms from the doctor's office organized! 

slim pocket on diaper backpack

Last but not least is the "mommy pocket". This pocket gives me easy access to my phone, wallet, hand sanitizer, and a convenient clip to keep my car keys right where I can get to them! 

mommy pocket on diaper backpack

My Birch Bag Mini is perfect for daily outings and helping me stay organized. I can be hands free to help my toddler and I know I will have a spot in the backpack for everything we both need. Let us know in the comments below or leave a review at here on what you pack in your Birch Bag Mini

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