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     Our Mission

    To provide accessible and exceptional products to parents while supporting them through faith and community.

    Hi! We’re Kirsten and Sam, a husband and wife team and founders of Parker Baby Co. When we had twins in 2015, we quickly realized how our home would soon be filled with baby products. What we didn’t realize was that many of those products would be of our own designs under our own brand.

    Huebner Family of Parker Baby Co.

    We use all of our products, and all of our products have been inspired by our four children.

    Meet Ava, our oldest. Ava didn’t REALLY have hair on her head until she was 2 years old. Enter our original 10 pack of bows, designed to fab up her sweet, bald head.

    Meet Eleanor, born 2 minutes behind Ava. Eleanor was a spitter, We were constantly changing her outfits (and ours, too). If you have a baby with reflux issues, you can relate. Enter our bandana bibs, because swapping a bib is much easier than pulling a fresh onesie over your baby’s head.

    Meet Greta, our youngest daughter. When Greta was born, we had 3 children in diapers for a brief period of time (although it felt like an eternity). We needed more organization to our life as diaper changers. Enter our diaper caddy, designed to organize and portableize (is that a word?) diaper changing.

    Meet August, a boy with 3 older sisters. As the only boy (and somewhat out of pity), we wanted to design something just for Gus. Enter our swaddles and quilts. Our Lodgepole Quilt and Timber Swaddle Sets were basically designed to compliment his nursery.

    As our family has grown, so has our business. We continue to design affordable products to simplify parenthood, so you can spend more time with your little one(s). 

    What we value

    Romans 8:38-39


    Meet the Team

    Sam Huebner
    Co-founder & CEO
    Sam works tirelessly behind the scenes from logistics to finance to product development.
    Favorite things: Husker football, bourbon, Catan nights, BBQing, working from home with twin girls, a toddler, baby boy, and his wife.
    Kirsten, Cofounder of Parker Baby Co.
    Kirsten Huebner
    Kirsten is the true brain of the operation assisting with product research and customer relations.
    Favorite things: Baking Club, working out, making lattes, a clean house, sweatshirts and being a mama.
    Jessica, Marketing Manager
    Jessica Huebner
    Marketing Manager
    Jessica leads us in all things marketing including branding, customer relations and advertising.
    Favorite things: yoga, a clean house, her dog, Bentley, expensive coffee, loving on Denver and her new husband, Jack.

    Emma Safarik 
    Customer Experience Specialist
    Emma is the voice of customer service serving our valued customers every day.  
    Favorite things: Cozy vibes, iced lattes, Husker football (GBR!), hiking around Colorado, trying new restaurants, and going on adventures with her little family.
    Sarah, PPC Manager, Parker Baby Co.

    Sarah McVey
    PPC Manager
    Sarah is an expert in Facebook (just ask her Instagram-famous pup) and manages our social media advertising.
    Favorite things: Golf, iced coffee, baking cake batter cookies, and going on walks with her dog Queso, husband, and daughter.