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15 Baby Products New Parents DON'T Need

15 Baby Products New Parents DON'T Need

As a new parent, it's easy to buy stuff you don't end up using - you're new to this whole parenting thing after all! We're here to help. Check out these 15 baby products you won't need for your baby - you'll save so much money in the process!

1. Diaper Bag

Sure, we're biased - but we truly believe new parents DO NOT need diaper bags. Diaper Backpacks are easier to carry, usually have more space and functional pockets, and are way easier on your shoulder than a traditional, chunky diaper bag. Plus, if you can find a diaper bag that's cuter than our Birch Bag Diaper Backpack - we'll be surprised;).

Mom Wearing Diaper Backpack

2. Wipe Warmer

Wipe warmers are completely useless! If you only use warmed wipes with your infant, they won't like it when you're away from home and have to use room-temperature ones. And warmer temperatures can actually make bacteria grow faster, resulting in more diaper rashes and infections. Overall, it's a great baby product to avoid.

3. Special Baby Detergent

Special baby detergent is usually more expensive, and it's totally unnecessary! It's true, babies usually have sensitive skin - but buying a simple scent-free detergent is far safer (and cheaper) than a special detergent designed for babies.

4. Baby Food Processor

If you plan on making your own baby food, skip the baby food processor. A regular food processor or blender will do just fine! A lot of companies will rebrand simple products to be "baby-themed" when their true intentions are to snag money from new parents. Don't give in!

5. Infant Socks & Shoes

Infants don't walk - so they don't need socks or shoes. Infant socks are usually difficult to keep on. And while baby shoes are the cutest things you'll ever see, they're usually a waste of money (your baby will kick them off in 2 seconds). Instead, keep your baby's feet warm with sleepers.

6. Baby Powder

Never used baby powder, never will. Baby powder is reported to cause lung issues in infants, and there won't be a case you need baby powder and baby powder alone. You can usually avoid diaper rash without it, and there are several alternatives that are much safer!

Mom Holding Baby with Baby Quilt

7. Baby Pillows & Fluffy Bedding

Never let your baby sleep with baby pillows, blankets, or fluffy bedding! Babies can suffocate in their sleep if they get smothered by bedding or roll into a blanket, and it's super unsafe to leave them with anything that could cover their face while they sleep. Opt for a safer alternative, like a sleep sack.

8. Sleepers with Snaps

Sleepers with snaps are the most annoying thing, especially in the middle of the night when you need to change your baby's diaper in the dark. Undoing all those snaps, then redoing them after - no thank you. Go for zipper sleepers instead!

9. Wrap Carriers

Wrap carriers are usually complicated and so difficult to put on, especially if you're by yourself. And since you'll only use them for a short amount of time, they're usually a waste of money. There are a bunch of alternatives that are much simpler!

10. Tons of Newborn Diapers

Purchase your newborn diapers in small bursts, because your baby could outgrow them at any point - and diapers are so expensive! Don't risk wasting your money by stocking up too much when you bring your baby home. Your baby will outgrow newborn diapers fairly quickly, so don't risk wasting a ton of money on overstocking.

11. Diaper Stacker

A diaper stacker is supposed to organize your diapers so they automatically dispense them - easy to grab, you'd think! In reality, these dispensers are expensive and get jammed super easily. Save money and stay organized with a diaper caddy instead - you can carry them from room to room, they can hold more than just diapers, and they're easier to refill.

Diaper Caddy on Changing Table

12. Bottle Sterilizer

A bottle sterilizer is yet another baby product you don't really need to waste money on. Disinfect your bottles by just popping them into a pot of boiling water - it will do the same thing, and it is just as safe!

13. Bath Thermometer

Of course it's important to make sure your baby's bath water is a safe temperature, but the truth is - you don't need a bath thermometer to do that! Here's a simple trick that's just as safe: dip your elbow into the bath water. If it feels too hot, it will be too hot for your baby. Your elbow is about as sensitive to temperature as baby skin, so it's a pretty safe alternative.

14. Lots of Christmas/Birthday Gifts

Here's the (possibly painful) truth: your baby will not remember the gifts you give them when they turn 1 or for their first Christmas. A better idea? Invest in the future. Ask your party guests to donate money so you can open an investment account for your child. Register an email or domain name under their name for the future (my dad did this, and it was amazing). Get creative with how you invest in their future - down the line they will appreciate it!

15. Gender-Specific Baby Gear

If you plan on having more than one child, getting gender specific baby gear is a terrible idea. Purchase strollers, cribs, nursery furniture, car seats, etc. in gender neutral, cute colors. They'll match with girl and boy accessories, and you'll be able to save so much money in the long run.

Those are the 15 baby products we truly believe you should avoid as a new parent - we hope they help! Parenting is difficult and exciting and rewarding all at once, and you're doing amazing. Good luck!

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