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Baby-Proof In Style

Baby-Proof In Style

Of course baby-proofing is all about safety first, but thankfully in this day and age you don't have to compromise style! There are so many options out there to keep your baby safe around the house AND baby-proof to blend seamlessly with your aesthetic. Can you tell a Millennial is writing this? ;)
Even though I had to say goodbye to my perfectly styled coffee table due to a toddler who puts anything and everything in her mouth, I do feel better knowing the baby industry has really upped the baby-proofing game. While there are a million things you could technically baby-proof, I've highlighted my favorite "stylish" options below!
  1. No-Show Magnet Cabinet and Drawer Locks: I love not having anything show on the outside of my cabinets. And I can still store my cleaning products below the sink but don't have to worry about my little one getting into it. Just don't lose the magnet haha!
  2. Acrylic Baby Gate: This more contemporary look with the see through acrylic doesn't take away from my home decor. And it gets points for pressure mounting options which meant we didn't have to drill into our beautiful new stair posts. I also loved The Stair Barrier for multiple options with pressure mounting and wall to wall. 
  3. Door Knob Covers That Match Your HardwareThere isn't much you can do to make this safety product look chic, but the black sticks out so much less on my black door knob!
  4. White Square Outlet Plugs: These look so polished compared to the everyday clear plastic ones (which I have those too and actually don't mind them). I also discovered Self-Closing Outlet Covers, which I haven't tried but they almost seem too good to be true. So someone who has these, tell me if you recommend them!
  5. Clear Stove Knob Covers: My toddler has definitely turned on the stove before (thankfully with me noticing quickly), but until then I had no idea to even think about this area for baby-proofing.
I could go on forever with everything you need to baby proof in the house - like don't forget the anti-furniture tip kits!! Do you have a favorite "stylish" baby-proofing product I need to know about? 

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