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Cutest Baby Girl Costumes for Halloween

Cutest Baby Girl Costumes for Halloween

Halloween is coming fast, and it's time to pick a cute baby girl costumes for your little princess before you run out of time! Baby girl costumes don't need to complicated or expensive. In fact, the more clever and homemade your baby girl Halloween costumes are, the more charming!

Here are a few of our baby girl costume favorites - they are simply too cute to handle:

Ballerina Baby Girl Costume

Baby Girl Wearing Pink Baby Girl Bow

This Pink Bow from our Essentials Headband Set completes this ballerina baby girl Halloween costume!! All you need is a cute pink tutu to match. Order the full bow set here.

Tinkerbell Baby Girl Costume

Headbands for baby girl halloween costumes

This golden headband is also from our Essentials Headband Set, and it adds the final touches to this adorable Tinkerbell baby girl costume. Pair it with a cute Tinkerbell dress like this one and you're good to go. Halloween has never been simpler!

Cowboy (or Cowgirl) Baby Girl Costume

Baby Boy Wearing Cowboy Costume with Bandana Bib

This red bandana bib comes from our Estes Bandana Bib Set, and it makes this cowboy (or cowgirl) costume perfect! This one is a great option if you want to keep things simple Halloween night. All you need is a pair of jeans and a white tee (which you likely already have on hand) and a red bandana bib and cowgirl hat.

Chick Baby Girl Costume

Baby Boy Wearing Chicken Baby Boy Costume

You simply can't pass up an adorable baby girl costume like this one! Pair the red bib in our Estes Bandana Bib Set with a chicken baby girl costume and tights, and you'll win cutest costume of the year award.

Star Wars Baby Girl Halloween Costumes

Star Wars baby girl costumes

Any Star Wars fans out there? There are plenty of Star Wars baby girl Halloween costumes online, but if you're a DIY type of mom, this costume can be simple and affordable. Follow this guide to make Princess Leia buns on your own, pair with a cute robe (or hooded towel), and toss in a lightsaber stuffy if you're feeling fancy:).

The Little Mermaid Baby Girl Costumes

The Little Mermaid baby girl halloween costumes

This costume is perfect if you want a family option! The options online are surprisingly affordable, and even your pup can get involved. This option is great no matter what age your baby girl is - options range from newborn to toddler!

Dinosaur Baby Girl Costume

Dinosaur baby girl costumes

This one is just too cute! If you want to DIY, find a purple hoodie + sweatpants set and hot-glue triangle pieces of felt along the back. There are also a ton of options online if you don't want the hassle of making it yourself.

Super Hero Baby Girl Costume

Super Hero baby girl costumes

Looking for a mother-daughter power duo? It doesn't get much cooler than wearing Wonder Woman costumes together. Finding a set on Amazon (one for you and one for your little princess) is easy. This baby girl Halloween costume will melt your heart.

Scarecrow Baby Girl Halloween Costumes

Scarecrow baby girl costumes

This one has to be my absolute favorite! It's simple to do at home if you want, but options online are absolutely darling. You can shop this exact costume here, but if you're looking for a more affordable option you can easily buy a festive onesie, twine, burlap, felt, and a cap to take your own spin on this autumn classic.

Baby Shark Baby Girl Costumes

Baby Shark baby girl halloween costumes

This is another adorable family option! There are tons of color/size options on Amazon, and it's easy to throw on Halloween night if you're in a rush. Over all, this baby girl Halloween costume is clever and perfect for the whole family.

Play-Doh Baby Girl Halloween Costume

Playdoh baby girl halloween costumes

Talk about clever and cute! All you need for these costumes are a few colored frisbees, plain headbands, oversized yellow t-shirts (or shirts like these), and Play-Doh patches. It's simple, easy, and perfect for the whole family.

Bluey Baby Girl Costumes

Bluey baby girl Halloween costumes

Bluey is one of the cutest, most wholesome shows and these are some of the cutest, most wholesome baby girl costumes! The costumes made in the picture above are homemade with felt and fabric, which is a great option (since online prices get a little steep). 

Ice Cream Sundae Baby Girl Costumes

Ice Cream Sundae Baby Girl Halloween Costumes

This one is classic and adorable! All you need is a white onesie, a little bit of felt, and a hot-glue gun to turn your baby girl into a sweet sundae. Add ice cream cone pants for an extra touch!

Those are all the baby girl Halloween costumes we have for today, but there are countless other options out there. Get creative, get crafty, and have fun this Halloween!


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