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Friday Favorites: Hello 2020

Friday Favorites: Hello 2020

Happy 2020! Whether you are a gung-ho resolution person or not, there is something about a new year (or new decade) that feels like a fresh start. This Friday, we are curating our favorite products that will help you feel refreshed with little-to-no effort.

Get Organized

Gray Rope Diaper Caddy

Rope Diaper Caddy in Gray
If organization is on your list, or even if it isn't - you need this in your life. Store all of your diaper changing essentials in this attractive portable caddy so you can move it from room to room. 

Gray Diaper Backpack

Birch Mini in Gray
Another great item to keep things organized! Our new Mini has over 10 pockets with a full-zip main pocket that allows you to pack and access everything easily.

Just for Mama

Ginger Tea for gut health

Ginger Tea
Okay, I'm not suggesting giving up on coffee (and I will never!), but herbal teas can have so many health benefits so I definitely recommend trying to incorporate them into your daily routine. Ginger tea is great for digestion, and your gut is v important.

Ceramic Travel Mug from Target
Ceramic Aspen Travel Mug
THIS. MUG. I really like drinking out of a ceramic mug in the morning and I love that this feels comforting and you can still bring it on-the-go. So put your Ginger Tea (or strong coffee) in here in the morning when you know you will be rushing out the door.


Day Designer: daily planner for mom organization

A Planner
We have featured the Day Designer before and it is awesome - but if it is a little intimidating, I would say just get something that is: easy to write in and is pretty (so you want to use it!). I would also say get something that fits where you will need it to, for example: need take it on-the-go? Get a small and sturdy planner that will fit in your bag. 

Humidifier for babies

Crane Tear Drop Humidifier
Okay, this one is for everyone. Obviously, we recommend one in your nursery, but you should really have one in your bedroom, too. In Colorado, these make a huge difference when you are sick during the dry winter months. You can find a cheaper option here - but it doesn't come in all white :)

Lululemon Dupes: Gray Camo 

Lululemon Dupes 
Yes, we do love Lululemon, but for some of the trendier patterns, you don't always want to drop the big bucks - and the dupes are incredible!

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