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How to Celebrate New Year's with Your Kids

How to Celebrate New Year's with Your Kids

New Year's Eve Isn't Just for the Adults

New Year's Eve: if you're a parent, you know the struggle. Late nights, booze, endless sweets, and loud fireworks at midnight are not the best combo when you have little ones.

It's tough involving your kiddos on New Year's Eve, but not impossible! We've brainstormed a few kid-friendly NYE celebration options to try with your kids. They won't need to stay up past their bedtime, they won't be overloaded on sugar, and you'll still have a blast as a family. Check them out below!

1. Host a Formal Dinner

Looking for a classy way to celebrate New Year's Eve? Invite family or friends over for a fancy dinner and involve your kids in the process. Cook something together for your guests, set up decorations if you want to go the extra mile, and set a bedtime your kids can expect. It'll still be fun and special!

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2. ...And Have Fondue

If there's one thing any kid loves, it's a fountain of liquid chocolate. Fondue makes your fancy dinner even fancier, and it's surprisingly simple to put together. Your kids and their friends will have so much fun. (Hack: allow only fruit for dipping if you want a not-so-sugary option!)

3. Pop a Balloon Every Hour

Girls Wearing New Years Holiday Bows

Looking for a creative way to fill the evening? Hide a piece of paper with an activity written on it in each balloon. Then pop one each hour for a fun game for the kids to play. You don't have to pop balloons until midnight if you don't want - you can always just lead up to their bedtime! They will love this exciting way to celebrate the new year.

4. Have a Crafty Afternoon

There are countless New Year's Eve crafts to choose from, and each are super fun with kids of all ages. Buy some supplies, plan a crafty afternoon, and celebrate with some glue and glitter. Our Parker Baby Diaper Caddies make for great Craft Caddies too!

5. Countdown to... Noon!

Little kids have a hard time making it to midnight (and let's be real, you might too). Celebrate at lunch by counting down to noon instead! You can set up a timer (even blow up a beach ball for your own little "ball drop") and count down with your kids. Then toast with kid-friendly mock-tails once the clock strikes 12!

6. Take a Walk Down Memory Lane

You can't move forward with looking back. Pull out those home videos and put them up on the TV to watch with your family. Ask your kids what their favorite memories were of each year, too!

7. Have a Family Slumber Party

Mom Packing Black Diaper Backpack

Slumber party with mom and dad? Yes please! Pack your Parker Baby Backpacks, set up a blanket fort in the living room, and have a sleepover with your kids to celebrate. Just don't forget your air mattresses - sleeping on the floor isn't quite as fun as it used to be.

8. Create a Time Capsule

A great way to preserve memories and have a New Year's Eve tradition with your kids is to make a time capsule ever year. Make one for each year, and open the previous year's capsule the same day. You'll have a blast putting together a new one and opening old memories each December 31st.

9. Brainstorm Next Year's Bucket List

Encourage your kids to think about their goals for the next year. They might be big or small - it doesn't matter! Make a family list of all the things you want to accomplish next year, individual and as a family. Then start checking them off come January!

10. Create a Thankfulness/Resolutions Tree

Girl Wearing New Years Eve Bib

You probably haven't taken your Christmas tree down yet, which means you have the perfect opportunity to turn it into a Thankfulness or Resolutions tree! Encourage your kids to write down what they're thankful for, or a few goals they have for next year. Then spread them around your tree for everyone to see.

11. Random Acts of Kindness

New Year's Eve is the perfect opportunity to teach generosity and kindness to your kids. To welcome in the new year, commit to random acts of kindness for the afternoon, and allow your kids to come up with their own ideas too! If they suggest paying for the person behind you, buying a gift for the overworked barista in Starbucks, or even just giving a stranger a compliment, encourage them - this is awesome!

12. Family Game Night 

This idea is classic, but never gets old. Want to have a chill night at home this New Year's Eve? Plan a family game night with kid-friendly fun games. You'll have a blast (and you'll be able to get to bed at a reasonable hour, too. Mom win!)

13. ...& Of Course, Make New Year's Resolutions

This probably goes without saying, but now's the time to make those New Year's resolutions! Talk with your kids about making realistic goals they can accomplish, and how important it is to follow through. Then come up with a plan as a family to accomplish those goals. If you support each other, you'll be surprised at what your kids can accomplish next year.

Those are all the ideas we have, and hopefully they help you have a blast ringing in the new year! New Year's Eve can be fun with kids, too.

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