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Mama Feature: Annie

Mama Feature: Annie

Meet another Brand Ambassador, Annie! The cutest little mama with a love for thrifting and an adorable little boy, Logan. Annie sells second hand items (from thrift stores, consignment clients, etc) on online platforms like Poshmark, Ebay, Mercari, etc. She loves being able to stay home with Logan, and contribute to her family in small town, Iowa. 


Favorite mommy/maternity product:
I LOVED Lululemon Align leggings while I was pregnant. They fit me from a tiny bump, to a huge bump, and still fit perfectly postpartum!

Favorite baby product:
My favorite PBC baby products are the bandana bibs. Logan is SO drooly, and has been since he was 3 months old. They are stylish, simple, and keep him dry! Another baby product I love is also from a small business. Our Cupkin cups are great! They are stainless steel and keep drinks cold, have a silicone straw, and are basically spill proof. They are just wonderful!

Annie and family.
Favorite way to have a little “me-time”:
I love going out thrifting Logan-free or occasionally going to the salon and getting my nails done. 

A couple more questions...

What activities are you most excited to do with your sweet little one this Summer?
We are spending all our free time outside! Logan loves playing in his pool or water table, his outdoor play tent, and going on walks. 

What is the first thing you do when you put Logan down for sleep?
Once Logan is sleeping, I do a quick pick up of our house to “reset” it for the next day. Then I usually pour myself some Reese’s Puffs and watch The Bachelorette or reruns of Pawn Stars.

Can you tell us a little about your “fixer upper” and all the fun house projects you’ve been doing?
When we found out we were pregnant, we decided to move out of our tiny Chicago apartment back to our small hometown in Iowa. We bought a fixer upper home from the 1950s and have slowly, room by room, been renovating. It was a wonderful project to make the time go by while I was pregnant, and it’s been a wonderful project to keep us busy during the pandemic! We have done minor projects from painting, to major projects like adding an additional bathroom. Our next project is gutting and redoing the kitchen, and I can’t wait!

Please share some words of advice for all the mamas out there! 
For new mamas: when your baby is first born, take so many photos. Especially of you and baby, even if you feel yuck being postpartum and don’t feel like being in photos. It’s my one regret, I wish I was in more photos. You’ll look back and appreciate it later!

mama with son.

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