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Mama Feature: Elisabeth

Mama Feature: Elisabeth

Our wonderful Brand Ambassador Elisabeth agreed to share some mama advice with us, and her authenticity is honestly inspiring. Tired, worn-out mama: you're not alone. Read Elisabeth's advice here:


As a young mom of two very small children, I definitely don’t have it all figured out. I mean, do any of us feel like we really know what we’re doing?

I have a two year old boy and a two month old little girl. I am currently breastfeeding both of them and am attempting to get back to cloth diapering. I was a full time cloth diapering mama until the pregnancy with Celestial (baby girl) just got too hard.

I kept beating myself up for that, but then I took a step back and asked why? I took a break, so what? How many of us moms beat ourselves up for not taking breaks?

I overthought this blog majorly... until I realized, it's better to just be real. This mama is tired. Sore. Usually hungry (breastfeeding right? Lol), and in these hormones deep. Postpartum is hard. Motherhood is hard.

Baby Girl in Baby Girl Headbands

It’s all a beautiful process and some people choose to focus on just that part of it. I don’t. With Samuel I had major PPD and PPA. What helped me through it was prayer and occasionally my husband.

Now we throw another beautiful baby in the mix, and there’s hardly any support in this area of motherhood out of fear of someone thinking you don’t actually want your children. Obviously that's not the case. We deeply love our children and would do anything for them. Do we moms apply that same care to ourselves though?

Let’s jump back to the reality before babies… we got up every morning (anytime we wanted), got ourselves dressed and ready, showered even. Then we walked into the kitchen and made ourselves some coffee and breakfast, however we wanted.

Mom Holding Baby Boy

Throw a baby in there and life changes. How many of those pieces of your routine did you continue? How much sleep do you get? How many showers or hot meals to you make every week? The number isn't the same. Our self care is just thrown out the window.

Let me tell you mamas, you’re all beautiful mothers who deserve to take some time for yourselves. Put your feet up. Stick baby in the carrier and do your hair and grab that cup of coffee. Ask for help. See a therapist. Don’t feel bad for taking a long hot bath every evening. (I do that... it’s amazing.)

I'm writing this blog from my couch in my mom bun and haven’t showered in a few days myself. Life with two babies ~ WOW. It’s crazy around here. One cries, the other does too. One wants food while I nurse the other. I want food always and most days I don’t eat much.

Baby Boy in Swaddling Blanket

But you know, it’s better than it was two weeks ago. It gets better and better each day. If you’re in this season right now, hang on. We may not enjoy every single moment, but we’re enjoying every single memory.

Celestial is laughing now and yelling at everyone because she found her voice. Samuel learned how to tell an entire story. They love each other. I love them.

I am so glad I am home with them to see every moment. Sometimes I get down on myself and stressed and I have to take a break. I want them always near me, and sometimes I don’t do that enough. That’s okay mamas. We’re all here for you. You’re beautiful and doing your best job. That’s all that matters. Hang in there ;)

xoxo, Beth

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