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Mama Feature: Kirsten

Mama Feature: Kirsten

This month we are featuring the adorable co-founder of Parker Baby Co.! Meet Kirsten, mama of 4 beautiful kiddos (and PBC models). Kirsten currently lives in Parker, CO where she helps alongside her husband, Sam by working with customers and running our mama Facebook group, Rooted by Parker Baby Co

Kirsten, founder of Parker Baby Co.


Favorite mommy product: 
My Levi jeans. Every mom needs a good pair of jeans, because let's be honest, jeans are basically dressing up these days. Just putting on jeans with my favorite t-shirt and sweatshirt makes me feel so much better. Or that feeling of putting on jeans again after being pregnant for what seems like a decade and feeling smoking hot? Haha ok yeah that might not be real life, but it's still nice to get a very small break from the stretchy waistband. 

Favorite baby product:
I think my favorite baby product would be muslin swaddles. They are so versatile! I used them for swaddling (obviously), nursing cover, and a burp cloth/clean up cloth. All my babies loved/needed to be swaddled to sleep, so I would “double-swaddle” them. My double-swaddle method is a tight classic swaddle with a muslin, then I would add the velcro swaddle over that! No little hands are getting out of that!

Favorite way to have a little “me-time”:
I love to run. It's something I can do that is good for me while multitasking. I listen to *my* music (not nursery rhymes or Frozen) or podcasts (anything from crime to self help). I also love to run on a treadmill; it’s my great excuse to watch my shows on the iPad. I also really love to bake!

Kirsten, founder of Parker Baby Co.

A couple more questions...

What made you decide to start Parker Baby Co.? 
When we had the twins, we needed simple products that had multiple uses. We didn't have the money or the space to have multiple products of small random things. We also were frustrated with the designs of baby products so we caught ourselves saying “We could make this better” quite a few times.

Can you talk a little about working with your husband, Sam?  
Even before we started Parker Baby, we always wanted to be the best teammates for each other. It was an easy analogy and made sense to us since we both played college sports. We knew about give and take, roles, and responsibilities in teams. He does things I could never do and visa versa. I have so much respect for him and I think he's the smartest person I know. He thinks I have super powers (which moms basically do) of carrying and growing babies, birthing, and being able to play peacemaker all day long.

What is the first thing you do when you put the kiddos down for sleep? 
Clean. I can’t function in a cluttered and untidy house. Even just picking up toys and putting dishes in the dishwasher makes me feel so much better. After cleaning up, I either work out, work, or stare at a wall trying to decide what to do next until August wakes up.

What fun summertime activities have you been up to during the quarantine? 
Lots of time with neighborhood kids and moms. I have really loved getting to know our neighbors and bonding with them through all this. 

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Please share some words of advice for all the mamas out there! 
Major in the majors, minor in the minors. Basically, try to not sweat the small stuff. What are the majors in your family? For us, it’s Jesus, family, and respect.

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