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New Year, New Mom: Self-Care Tips for Post-Holiday Recovery

New Year, New Mom: Self-Care Tips for Post-Holiday Recovery

You made it, mama!

You made it through the holidays, the gifts are unwrapped, the tree is torn down, and you finally have your weekends back. The holidays are fun and all - but the most wonderful time of the year also feels like the most busy... and let's face it:

You need a break.

You've worked hard to make the holidays magical, but it's easy to neglect taking care of you. That's why we're giving you 10 self care tips today - so you can kick off the new year with some much needed relaxation & rest!

Let's get into it:

1. That Spa Day You've Been Putting Off? Do it.

You've probably put some things on hold during the holidays, but January is the perfect time to return to the things you love. Plan that spa day, schedule that manicure, go get that massage - guilt-free, because you deserve it mama;) You can't pour from an empty cup, so taking care of yourself is important and so worthy to prioritize.

2. Plan Me-Time Each Day

Planning daily me-time is a little more budget-friendly, but it takes dedication. I know it's tough operating on little sleep, but waking up a few minutes early for me-time is a great way to enjoy some quiet and start the day with a calm, thankful mindset.

3. Get Some Dates Nights on the Calendar

Self-care includes relationship-care! When was the last time you dressed up for a fun, fancy date night? Get one on the calendar, hire a babysitter, and stay out as late as you want. Setting aside intentional time with your husband will leave you feeling refreshed and recharged.

4. Take Time on a Healthy Breakfast

We get it: half the time, your breakfast consists of whatever your little one didn't finish. But as you step into the new year, it's the perfect opportunity to start making a healthy breakfast for you, too. Avocado toast, scrambled eggs, protein oatmeal, and berries are fast, easy, and healthy options!

5. Communicate with Hubs

You and your husband are a team - so communicate when you need a break. When he's in the loop, you can support one another better. Be honest and tell him when you need him to watch the kids for the evening or take the next diaper change. Don't feel bad asking for a foot massage or back scratch. When you both share what you need, you have a teammate to lean on when your tank runs empty!

6. What Makes You Feel Put-Together? Do That.

It doesn't have to be complicated - honestly just showering, brushing my teeth, and putting on an outfit I like makes me feel put together! Feeling put together can mean putting on a little makeup, washing your face, or hitting the gym - whatever it is, make an effort to prioritize time to do those things each day this January.

7. Plan a Girl's Night Out

A girl needs her friends too! Plan a girl's night out with the gang and do something fun - whether it's wine-tasting or clothes shopping, you won't regret taking some time with friends. 

8. Invest in a Water Bottle

Anyone else forget to drink water every day? Same here. Having a big water bottle has helped me keep up with drinking throughout the day because I only have to fill it up once, and it has little markers on the side to keep me on track. If you struggle with water like me, it might be worth a shot!

9. Exercise is Self-Care, Too

Prioritizing exercise is definitely a struggle when you have little ones in tow. But trust me - it's worth it! Find a gym with childcare you trust. Do workouts you legitimately enjoy, whether that's cardio, weight lifting, or yoga. Push yourself some days and give grace for others - a healthy lifestyle is about balance and listening to your body.

10. Give Yourself Grace

You work so hard to be an amazing mama, wife, friend - and it's hard juggling all the things. Some days will feel like you didn't get to all the things you wanted to, but those days will happen. Be patient with yourself. Self care takes practice. Show up each day giving yourself grace and doing your best. And if you need to turn on Bluey to get a few moments to yourself, it's OK;)

We know this season is hectic, but we hope these tips inspired you to take care of yourself this new year 🫶

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